Who the Hell?

Mad Betty* lives in Austin, Texas, with her handsome husband and two crazy kittens, Chloe and Vanessa. But let’s rewind to the beginning.

Born tattooed and raised by wolves, Mad Betty is one tough mofo. No, that’s not true. Born jaundiced, she somehow turned moderately cute and charmed people with her curly hair and curiosity. As she got older, she charmed people with her boss marching band skills and awesome sarcasm. Now her charm takes the form of writing, cooking, and awesome sarcasm.

Growing up at the Jersey Shore, Mad Betty learned a special set of skills that don’t always translate to Texas. She can’t ride a horse, but she can ride a wave. She is better at eating crabs than ribs, although she enjoys both. Her version of “y’all” is “you guys” and she’d rather not pump her own gas. But she’s navigating Austin’s scene just fine and enjoying every second.

As a connoisseur of pop culture, Mad Betty will use this blog to chronicle some new stuff happening in entertainment, as well as happenings around Austin. And whatever else feels cool.

*Mad Betty is written by Kristin Sheppard.

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  1. Georgiana says:

    I love reading Mad Betty, I can hear your mellow voice as I scan the words.. :)

  2. Jenny says:

    You DO have boss marching Band skills! And this site is pretty dang awesome, too:-)

  3. connie says:

    Enjoy the readings old friend!

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