Friday, January 17th

Veracruz All Natural

It wasn’t until I moved to Austin that I became aware of chilaquiles. Ryan and Julie at Foie Gras Hot Dog created one of my favorite blog posts of all time and saved me from eating countless breakfasts that aren’t worth it, in search of the perfect chilaquiles.

My personal fave? La Chapala. Chris gets the verde, I get the roja, and it’s a match made in heaven.

But this post is about the highly exclusive chilaquiles at Veracruz All Natural. Their breakfast tacos have reached legendary fame, and its status is well-deserved. So I had high hopes for the chilaquiles, which are only served 12 times a year. The first Sunday of each month, the humble little East Austin truck offers an extended breakfast menu. My friend South Austin Foodie and I headed over bright and early one morning to check the goods.

Veracruz All Natural food truck in East Austin, Texas

Veracruz All Natural food truck in East Austin, Texas

She couldn’t resist the chicken mole enchiladas, as she’s a serious mole aficionado. She deemed them tasty and plump with tender shredded chicken.

Chicken Enchiladas with Mole at Veracruz All Natural

The chilaquiles were top-notch with the perfect amount of sauce and cheese, and the chips retaining crunch. It’s a sad Sunday three times a month that you can’t get them. But when that glorious day arrives they taste all the better. We were both impressed by the perfectly caramelized plantains and flavorful beans.

Chilaquiles at Veracruz All Natural

Veracruz All Natural has lots of seating, both shaded and out in the open. It’s a lovely place to spend a morning, especially during that time of the month.*

Veracruz All Natural in East Austin, Texas

*First Sunday of each month!

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  1. aneelee says:

    Veracruz is one of my happy places. Not many places can make a tortilla with refried beans and slices of avocado taste as perfect. Most def gonna have to check out their chilaquile mornings.

  2. Mmmm! A nice little trip down memory lane! That was a good breakfast! 🙂

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