Monday, July 30th

Vamonos Pest

It’s the first week our gentlemen Walt, Jesse and Mike are in business together. Let’s see how they do.

The honorable man that Mike is, he visits his guys in their various prisons to let them know that their loyalty and silence are appreciated. Although the FBI seized what was to be their hazard pay, Mike promises to make good on the money. What a good boss.

The other boss, Walt, moves back in with Skyler, much to her chagrin. She responds by having a nervous breakdown in front of her sister at the carwash, complete with smoking cigarettes and screaming her head off. Walt explains it away, blaming her affair with Ted. He’s a master at shifting the blame, isn’t he? Skyler looks like the bad guy while he is the forgiving husband. He’s also the model father, watching Scarface with his kids. My dad used to watch Karate Kid with me, but I get the sentiment.

Walter White and Kids

Walt also manipulates Jesse, telling him how much he trusts him and wants him to be happy. He suggests that if Jesse foresees a real future with his girlfriend, Andrea, he’ll have to decide whether or not to be honest with her about his job. Although we’ve never seen Jesse happier or more at peace, he breaks up with her. Just like Walt wanted.

Have I told you lately that I love you, Saul Goodman? Kids, this is why you should go to law school. To make lots of money and friends and have a fat bodyguard that mouth-breathes like Tony Soprano. Anyway, Saul expresses his displeasure at Mike joining the business, which goes ignored. Moving forward, he takes the guys on a tour of the businesses he vets as a cover for their new lab. But the guys are picky like Goldilocks. One is too steamy, one will make pee-scented tortillas, one is a lazer tag place for kids. Picky, picky. But then Walter has a crazy an inspired idea when Saul shows them an exterminator shop.

The plan is that they will set up in houses that are tented for extermination, moving locations every week. They’ll cook for a couple days before the house is bombed for bugs. The exterminators are thieves and will help provide the perfect cover and move in the massive amount of meth cooking equipment. (Add this to the list of reasons why I hope to never have a bug problem.)

The equipment is hidden in roadie cases procured by Badger and Skinny Pete. Skinny Pete surprises us all with his beautiful piano playing. Badger is still dumb as a rock…surprising no one.

Walter and Jesse

Walt and Jesse get to work and it’s just like old times. Meth is cooking, they have their yellow garb on, it’s all very cozy.

Walt and Jesse cooking

The first batch of meth comes out beautifully and the tented house worked out according to plan. The only problem we encounter is when the money rolls in. The staggering amount of money on the table gets smaller and smaller as Mike keeps subtracting the huge cuts for everyone and their mother. Walt is not used to sharing with so many other people and really loses it when Mike insists they start paying his guys the seized money they are owed. Jesse points out that they are getting a bigger piece of the pie than when they were with Gus and the pie just happens to be smaller. Walt suggests that maybe Gus wasn’t so wrong in slitting that guys throat. Uh oh.

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