Monday, January 21st

The Prostitute and the Fugitives

Before we delve into the third episode of Downton Abbey, here’s where you can catch up on previous episodes:

So Matthew seems comfortable in his new role as co-boss of the house. He seems about to reject Carson’s request to add some new staff until Robert jumps in and approves it. But Robert isn’t looking to hog the bossiness, so he suggests Matthew take a look at the finances. No surprise that this a troublesome road to wander down, and later Matthew confides in Dow-Count that the estate is being mismanaged. Uh oh.

Anna and Bates are incommunicado as of late. She’s not allowed to visit and neither of them are receiving any letters. They both thought the other was slipping away, but it turns out that Bates had been unfairly labeled a violent prisoner and the letters were being held. We are treated to a scene of them both crying as they finally get to read their stacks of mail. I yawn a million times.  This storyline needs to move forward already. Maybe we can find out what exactly is the deal with that bag of drugs bundle of twigs Bates and his cellmate keep hiding.

Downton Abbey Bates

Isobel has no life and still wants to help Ethel out of prostitution. But Ethel feels she is too far gone to help and wants to give her son Charlie to his grandparents to raise. Mrs. Hughes and Isobel accompany her to visit them and they offer her money so she can stop, um, hooking. She decided to keep to the plan and says a tearful goodbye to her son.

Charlie and Ethel

Grandpa and Charlie

So how’s Edith doing since being jilted last week? She’s bored and looking for a purpose. She is disillusioned with her rich life and wants something meaningful to do. Dow-Count tells her to stop whining and find something to do. Good advice for us all, no? Edith is pissed about not being able to vote…looks like she found her hobby! Much to her father’s disapproval, she’s gangbusters for women’s rights and gets mentioned in the newspaper. You go, girl.

Carson jumps on the opportunity to hire a new footman. It’s between a hot new interviewee, James, and Lurch. On one hand, James is hot. On the other hand, Lurch knows all the spoons. It remains to be seen who will be First Footman and who will be Second Footman. What is clear is that James has all the maids (and Thomas) swooning.

Footman James


Branson and Sybil shake up the house with their fleeing Ireland. Branson’s politics and fiery friends now have them banned, or at least very unwelcome, from Ireland. When they were forced to escape in the night, Branson left pregnant Sybil behind to make it to Downton on her own. She arrived the next day safe and sound, but any relationship progress Branson made with Robert is done. The tension is thick, like a good Irish stout. But, you know, bad. Like Irish whiskey. Looks like Sybil and Branson are stuck in Downton and the baby will be born there.

Sybil and Branson

They better not let Daisy hold the baby. She’ll drop it. Just kidding, she’ll be an awesome babysitter…not. Actually, Daisy dropped by William’s father’s house. I love their relationship. She confesses to liking a boy (Lurch) and William’s father gives his blessing for her to move on. Daisy is about to express her feelings to Lurch when a new maid enters the scene. The very kitchen maid Daisy was begging to get hired. Lurch takes one look at the new maid and is all like:

Bugs Bunny in Love

Poor Daisy. That’s gotta burn.

Mrs. Hughes is happy as a clam now that she’s got a clean bill of health. She also falls in love…with a modern toaster.

Mrs. Hughes toaster

 How are you enjoying the season so far?

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