Thursday, July 30th

The Natural Beauty Solution

I confess, I’m a beauty product junkie. I never met a lotion, lipgloss, or cleanser that I didn’t love. I’ve amassed an enormous collection of products and samples over the years. I’ll go through phases of trying new things and just trying to put a dent in my stash, but more often than not I defer to my favorites. And my favorites tend to be simple, a gentle face wash, lip balms from Whole Foods, clean astringents, and unscented washes and sunscreens. I guess the moral of the story is simpler is better.

The Natural Beauty Solution by Mary Helen Leonard

It’s so hot in Austin right now that makeup and hair have to be minimal and with a baby on the way, I’m looking to simplify my routine even more. Nothing looks more youthful than a healthy glow and the best way to achieve that is to use ingredients from the earth.

Enter The Natural Beauty Solution, a brand new book from author and blogger Mary Helen Leonard. The book aims to help readers “break free from commercial beauty products using simple recipes and natural ingredients.” Broken down into face, body, and hair, there’s also a guide on stocking your pantry with ingredients. For a total newbie like me, it’s especially helpful to have tips on techniques and the important differences between organic, food grade, cosmetic grade, and industrial grade ingredients.

The book is a visual dream with lush photos of fresh salts, nuts, bright fruits, and creamy emollients that will make you want to create every single recipe. My own beauty needs drove me straight into the arms of a brightening, freshening, exfoliating alfa hydroxy facial.

Alpha Hydroxy Facial from The Natural Beauty Solution by Mary Helen Leonard

My facial therapies of choice always tend toward the acidic and what better way to get the benefits of alpha hydroxy and lactic acids than through organic berries and yogurt? Add in the detoxifying properties of kaolin clay and you’ve got a luxurious mask that’s only a step away from breakfast.

I like that so many of these recipes are just slight variations of what we put in our bodies. We focus so much on promoting health through diet and nutrition, why should the outside of our bodies be any different?

Coconut Milk Wash from The Natural Beauty Solution by Mary Helen Leonard

I’ll continue to work my way through the recipes, saving the final frontier—the hair—for last. Mary Helen documented her own “no-poo” journey years ago and has reaped the benefits. She admits to an adjustment period and I’m sure my own curls and tangles will be quite the challenge for a while. So I’ll wait till the time is right to tackle that last hurdle on my head.

Don’t miss out on this incredibly beautiful and well-written book. You can order right from Mary Helen’s shop or from Amazon. And follow The Natural Beauty Solution on Instagram for book news and beautiful photos from fans around the world.

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