Wednesday, August 28th

The Confession on Breaking Bad

Wow, this is the best episode of Breaking Bad so far, right? I just can’t get over how they are building this, letting the story unravel, and racing up to the series finale. I almost can’t take it.

The episode starts with Todd bragging about the train heist to a couple swastika-tattooed guys in a diner. Looks like he’ll be taking over their lab. Is anyone else surprised that Todd is still part of this show? I mean, how is he still alive? Is he really the person to carry on Walt’s cooking legacy? I feel like…just, no.

Jesse’s still in custody and Hank tells him he knows that Walt is Heisenberg and promises Jesse will walk away scott free if he shares what he knows. Jesse doesn’t take the bait and then Saul comes in and shuts down the interrogation. We should all have such a good lawyer.

Walt breaks it to Walter Junior Flynn that his cancer has returned. Poor Flynn. The heartbreak in his eyes just kills me. (Did you know that actor RJ Mitte has Cerebral Palsy in real life?) Marie will do whatever she can to get her hands on these kids, but it’s clear that Walt very much loves his son. It’s these human moments in Walt that makes it hard to root against him.

Breaking Bad meeting

When we see Walt sit down with a video camera and begin to film his confession it seems that he might be giving in for the sake of his children. He and Skyler hit a local Mexican joint with Hank and Marie for a rational discussion. Walt asks them to leave the kids out of it and states that there’s just no proof to bring him down. Skyler states that any wrongdoings are in the past and they should let it go. Hank was all like, you must be crazy bitches. He’s not letting this drop. Marie, ever the voice of reason, suggests that Walt kill himself. It was really a buzz kill and they didn’t even get the table side guacamole.


Once they are home, Hank and Marie watch Walt’s taped confession…where he elaborately pins the drug empire on Hank! This elicits the first of three screams from me. It’s so brilliant. So devious. I am horrified.

Breaking Bad Walt and Jesse

Walt’s next order of business is to take care of Jesse. Saul drives Jesse into the desert and a monstrous tarantula walks by. (Scream #2.) Walt shows nothing but kindness to Jesse, suggesting he start a new life with a new identity. There’s a momentary look of hope in Jesse’s eyes when Walt says he has his whole life ahead of him. He can live a normal life with a wife, kids, and a job. He can start fresh.

Breaking Bad Walt and Jesse

But Jesse’s eyes darken and he demands honesty from Walt. He knows Walt needs him to leave for his own safety, not out of any consideration for Jesse. He knows that this meeting is taking place in the desert so that Walt can kill him if he doesn’t agree to leave. And he knows Walt killed Mike. This is one of Jesse’s most emotional scenes in the whole series and the raw pain is palpable. Walt hugs him because he knows Jesse is right. And in that moment he can finally be a father. An honest father, which he can never do with Flynn. And it’s their goodbye. This is so heavy. And where the eff is that tarantula?

Saul calls his identity guy and gives Jesse a giant bag of money from Walt. And a Hello Kitty cell phone. He’s to wait at the meeting place, hand over his ID and accept a new one, never to look back. He requests Alaska as his new location.

Breaking Bad Jesse

He pulls out his cigarettes and the pack triggers something in him. All of a sudden…he knows. He knows Walt poisoned his girlfriend’s son with ricin. And right then, Jesse SNAPS. He holds Saul up at gunpoint and demands to know the truth. He’s a raving lunatic and this much rage and anger is simply wonderful to watch. His steals Saul’s car and drives to Walt’s house, which he douses with gasoline. My final scream. Roll credits. 

So, yeah. Holy shit. Thoughts?

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  1. Rachel says:

    Loved the recap and loved the show. I don’t think he will burn down the house (we haven’t seen it empty yet and boarded up) like we saw in previous episodes. I watched the entire confession with my mouth hanging open…..loved the twist. I also wanted Hank to tell his old partner so bad…..DUDE TELL HIM.

    I just can’t believe that the kid from Friday Night Lights is playing Todd. DUDE what happened to you?

    I still think Walt Jr is going to end up dying because he is secretly addicted to Walt’s Meth and has known about it the entire year. AHHHHHH

  2. Linda says:

    Gad. I hope his house burns. Jesse grew some balls!

  3. Senor Betty says:

    This is definitely in the top 5 episodes of Breaking Bad history. Great recap. I think those creeps in the diner are Todd’s family, uncles, or uncle and dad. He mentions them in earlier episodes.

    These are some of the best characters in TV history. So flawed, yet you love them so much!

    PS. Love Saul’s vanity plates.

  4. Well. I think with Walt’s confession he has now officially crossed the line from late-onset sociopathy to full-fledged psychopathy. What a devious, delicious twist! He’s got Hank by the cajones, yo. And the narcissistic personality streak just keeps getting broader and broader, yo. I can hardly wait to see how Jesse torches Walt’s house–I just might pee my pants. But I gotta say, the tableside guac at Garduno’s is nothing to write home about. Try the machaca-stuffed sopapilla with Hatch green chile instead.

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