Wednesday, January 4th

The Clay Pit

One of my favorite places to get dinner in Austin is The Clay Pit. I had just been there recently for a work holiday party and the setting was perfect for trying new things, sharing, and exchanging gifts. It was so great, in fact, that I didn’t mind ending up there again on New Year’s Eve when our original dinner plans didn’t pan out. They were accommodating, taking us late when we didn’t have a reservation.

The Clay Pit is known for their curried mussels appetizer and they are delish! Simmered in a red wine curry sauce, the dish is tomatoey and good. Our waiter suggested pairing it with some basil naan, and for that, I love him. We also had an order of vegetable pakora and it was crisp and tasty. The cauliflower is my favorite.

Curried Mussels










We shared a couple entrees, too. I had the Chicken Vindaloo, my favorite dish. The Clay Pit asks what spicy level you want mild, medium, hot or very hot. I chose very hot, and then they asked Indian hot or American hot. I chose the Indian hot and was not disappointed. Feel the burn.

We also had a little side of Mirch Masala, another hot curry with lots of mushrooms. The last thing we ordered was a specialty of the house, Kabuli Chicken. It was boneless chicken cooked in korma sauce infused with a paste of nuts, raisins and cherries. Korma is already a creamy rich sauce made with lots of nuts, and the paste infusion made it far too sweet for my liking. It may be one of their most popular dishes, but I will not get it again.


Indian is such a treat. I’d love to really learn the complexities of cooking curries from scratch one day. Maybe when I’m retired. For now, I know I can always head over to The Clay Pit to get my favorites.

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  2. Jim says:

    Wow, this is great! I’ve only eaten from the buffet during lunch at the Clay Pit. I will have to try these tasty choices you’ve noted for a nice dinner. But, how hot is Indian Hot?

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