Thursday, January 31st

The Chicago House

Last week a new bar opened downtown. The Chicago House is a craft beer spot right off 6th Street on Trinity.

The Chicago House

When Lovejoys closed, it left a void in this area. A place to get a decent beer amongst all the shit bars of 6th Street. Well, The Chicago House is filling that void with a nice selection of craft beers and rotating casks. Here’s part of the menu from opening night:

The Chicago House

The Cafe Au Lait from the cask was delicious. But it was the Cascabel Cream Stout that won my heart. I am a sucker for nitro beers, and my prediction is that they are going to be more and more popular. This seasonal beer from (512) Brewing was smooth and chocolatey with a hint of spicy heat.

Cascabel Cream Stout

The bar’s interior is warm and inviting, with touches of beer decor (barrels) and notes of Chicago. The bartenders are friendly and possess all the craft beer facial hair we’ve come to expect in Austin.

The Chicago House

The Chicago House

The best thing? All the beers are $5.00. All the time. Except happy hour, when they are $4.00. I have to assume that the 6th Street regulars will be hitting up this place pretty hard. This may very well be the point of introduction to craft beer for the young crowd that hangs out in this area. I look forward to seeing how that affects the ever-growing beer landscape in Austin.

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  2. Optimista says:

    Chocolatey, spicy beer? For $5? Count me in.

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