Wednesday, November 7th

Tarbouch Lebanese Grill

Everyone has their favorite little neighborhood hole in the wall and in South Austin we have more than a few. Just about everyone knows how great Curra’s is with their interior Mexican food and avocado margaritas. Yet right next door is a gem many have not yet tried. Tarbouch is a humble little joint with fresh and healthy Lebanese food.


Seating is casual and there’s plenty of room both inside and on the front porch. The colorful decor is simple and homey. You’ll feel like you’ve been there before, even if you haven’t.

Tarbouch painting

We sat watching the presidential debate next to the owner’s daughters and sampled a Lebanese beer. The owner brought over some spiced peanuts to snack on while we waited for our food.

Almaza and peanuts

The chicken shawarma plate came with thin slices of chicken breast, a house salad, and creamy garlic sauce.

Chicken Shawarma Plate

And the beef kabob was served alongside roasted vegetables and fragrant rice.

Beef Kabobs

And the hummus…my God, the hummus. The best ever.


Of course there was plenty of fresh pita bread to enjoy with our meals. Everything we ate was fantastic and I’d recommend it all. I still want to try their falafel, dolma, baba ghannouj, tabbouleh, and everything else on the menu. I don’t think there’s anything over ten bucks, so it’ll be no strain to visit over and over. They have other beers, wine and fun sodas, and hookahs, too. So if you haven’t checked out your little neighborhood Lebanese place, get there.

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  1. Olivia says:

    534 E oltorf 78704

  2. Olivia says:

    Tarbouch is the best restaurant in Austin! the people are the sweetest in the world and their food is mouth-wateringly delicous! you can try everything on the menu and be blown away! The baklava is divine and so is the baba-ghnouj! Come, come, come! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!

  3. Scott and I love that place! We were there on Friday!

  4. I am mortified to say I had no idea about this place right in my hood! hopefully we will be able to seek refuge from the F1 crowds and dine there this weekend.

    thank you for keeping me in the loop!

  5. Rachel says:

    Thank you – I didn’t know about this place but I know where I’m having lunch tomorrow! Mmmmmmmmm!!

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