Thursday, December 13th


I’ve been looking forward to the opening of Sway since La Condesa’s people announced they were opening the upscale Thai restaurant. Right on South 1st by Elizabeth St, the neon lotus flower in the sky alerts passersby to the coolness that awaits.

Neon Lotus Flower

The interior is simply gorgeous. Sleek, classic wood. Gigantic communal tables. Dim lighting. I just want to hang out here forever. The weather was lovely on opening night so we chose to sit outside under the glow of the gold and orange lights.




We ordered some drinks and perused the menu. We just had beers, but there is also a great wine list, tons of teas, house-brewed kombucha, and for the really brave…drinking vinegars. Plates are meant to be shared, so there’s no need to narrow it down to one entree. We were told dishes would come out as they were ready. The open kitchen allowed us to view the exotic ingredients and flurry of activity. They were BUSY!


Sway Kitchen

Sway Kitchen

We started with the Prawn Miange, which featured the prawns nestled in a betel leaf, topped with chilis, lime, and grapefruit, toasted cashews and coconut. The fresh citrus flavors mingled nicely with both the cooked and tiny dried prawns.

Prawn Miange

Next, we had the Neon Lotus Chicken Salad. What an exotic salad! We loved the banana blossom, snow peas and especially the crispy lotus that covered the chicken. It was dressed with a coconut chili dressing and was quite good.

Neon Lotus Chicken Salad

Our next dish was the one we were most excited about trying, and it was the best of the night: Son in Law. The traditional dish that Thai mothers make their future sons in law use deep fried hardboiled eggs. Sway makes it even better by using a soft boiled egg. They serve this creamy, crispy little miracle over an insanely delicious braised pork shoulder, rice, and tons of spicy flavors and herbs. Owner Delfo Trombetta told me this is his favorite dish as well.

Son in Law

Next we had the spicy Jungle Curry. It’s served with a cooling dollop of coconut cream on top of the tender Wagyu beef and lots of veggies and spices. This one is a huge winner.

Jungle Curry

Lastly, I was pretty insistent on ordering the Salt and Pepper Cuttlefish. I love the light crispiness of a salt and pepper dish, but I think I prefer tiny pieces of squid rather than these huge pieces. The fermented soybean sauce topping it was out of this world.

Salt and Pepper Cuttlefish

Our server recommended the yams as a side dish and they did not disappoint. Mashed creamy and blended with miso butter, they were a real treat.

Miso Yams

We wrapped up plenty of this meal to enjoy the next day and saved room for the tiniest of desserts, The Candy Bar. Rich, chocolately, and smooth, it as the perfect ending to a great meal. This little bite is a cashew fudge brownie layered with chocolate mustard, miso cashew butter, and a little sea salt and popped amaranth.

Candy Bar

Welcome to the neighborhood, Sway. We can’t wait to visit again.

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  1. It all sounds really fantastic! You’re brave — kudos! — for going on opening night! I am looking forward to checking it out. 🙂

  2. Jodi says:

    Yum! Your son in law looks even more caramelized and delicious than ours did. It’s a dish to dream about.

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