Monday, July 16th

So Magnetic

Ah, the darkness is back. The season five premiere of Breaking Bad opened with Walter White at a diner. And he has HAIR! I’ve been waiting for this moment because I do not dig the baldness, but he could not look worse.

Walter White

A quick bathroom transaction leaves Walt with a machine gun in his trunk. Hmmm, watcha gonna do with that? He tips his waitress $100 and bolts. Classy.

Now we flash back to right after Gus is killed. Good. I wanted to see the aftermath. To remind you, this happened:

Gus Fring

And also, Walt blew up their lab. So we see Hank and his cop cronies walking through the creepy remnants of the lab in hazmat suits. We learn that two people died in there and that teeth “do a popcorn thing” when they get too hot. Eww. And the surveillance cameras may have survived.

Breaking Bad Hank

Walt busies himself by disposing of the bomb-building equipment and poisonous lily of the valley. He gloats to Skyler that he won. One thing we can say about Walt is that any trace of humility is gone. He is pretty proud of himself and feeling mighty powerful. Remember in Heathers when the queen bee would die and the next in line would take her scrunchie, signifying her rise to the top? Well Walt just grabbed the red scrunchie.

Walt and Jesse

Jesse and Walt are getting along…for now. Jesse stops Mike from shooting Walt when he finds out about Gus’ death. Mike is such a cold-blooded killer that I’m delighted to see him chatting with some chickens in his bathrobe.

Breaking Bad Mike

For the time being, Mike will hold back his killer instincts in the mutual interest of destroying evidence, namely Gus’ laptop which contains video footage of all of them. In a comical moment with Mike and Walt fighting about creating a bomb device to blow up the evidence room at the police station, Jesse suggests using a magnet. Seems ridiculous enough to work, so they go to a junkyard and get a safety lesson on a giant electronic magnet. I love the checklist they have to go through to use the magnet: no metal head plates, artificial hips, genital piercings. Very funny.

Breaking Bad Magnet

The idea is to get the magnet close enough to the evidence room to erase Gus’ computer. In their trial run, the magnet pulls a laptop out of Jesse’s hands and it’s smashed to pieces against a truck. Awesome. Walt decides to double the power of the battery. In my favorite part of the episode, we watch Walt turn the magnet too high and everything flies off the shelves in the evidence room, completely freaking the out the cops. The magnet is so strong, the rental truck turns on its side. Mike helps them make a quick getaway.

In a surprising turn of events, we find out Skyler’s former lover/blackmailing jerk/Ted is still alive and has just woken up from a coma. We thought he broke his neck and died. Surprise! Skyler has to come clean to Walt about her financial ties and secrets with Ted, assuring him that Ted will not be a problem. Actually, Saul Goodman is the lucky duck who breaks this news to Walt. Then he tried to dump him as a client. Walt intimidates both Saul and Skyler. She is obviously terrified of Walt now. I have to say, he really does seem to be infused with evil in a whole new way. When he hugs her and says, “I forgive you” I get shivers.

 Did you watch? What did you think?

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  2. Lee says:

    I am definitely intrigued by the “new Walt”, though I fear the change is a bit too abrupt. I am thinking I should re-watch the last part of the previous season to see if it really makes sense . . .

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