Monday, August 6th

Skyler Goes for a Swim

On this episode of Breaking Bad we find Walt in a great mood. He’s happy to be making money again and leases new cars for himself and Walter, Jr. They act all macho and we have to suffer through a moment of weird dubstep car pornography. Plus, Walt’s Heisenberg hat is back.

Walter White

Lydia is still annoying and freaked out. Mike calls her at Madrigal to give her a 30-second warning that the DEA agents are paying a visit.

Breaking Bad DEA

She also needs a new guy to pick up their methylamine, who turns out to be Jesse. When he shows up to get it they notice that the barrel has a tracking device glued to it. Mike later points out that it was probably Lydia who put it there in the hopes that they will leave her alone. Mike wants to kill her, but Jesse and Walt vote to keep her alive. Walt wants to make sure they keep the product moving and Jesse is an actual human being. Either way, Lydia gets to live a little longer.

Breaking Bad Jesse and Lydia

Hank is getting lots of credit for a job well done. He is offered a promotion, meaning he gets to head up the department. But he has to leave the field work behind and he is bummed out.

Walt's birthday dinner

We get to celebrate Walt’s 51st birthday, and the poor idiot thinks he’s getting a decent party. Um, Walt? Everyone hates you. You are getting a terrible family party. It’s just Walter Jr. talking about cars again, silent Skyler, and Hank and Marie. They have a tense dinner out by the pool. Walt goes off about the last year and how he beat cancer with the support of his family, yada, yada, yada. It’s only been ONE YEAR since he was diagnosed?! Talk about the craziest year ever. This meth business escalated quicker than I realized. Plus, it’s been about four years for us.

As Walt reminisces about chemotherapy and Hank getting shot, Skyler stares off into the distance at the edge of the pool. She silently walks in and submerges herself while they rest of them worry and call out to her. Eventually Walt jumps in to save her and while it’s not exactly The Graduate pool scene, it’s damn good.

Walt Skyler Pool

Hank and Walt discuss Skyler’s affair with Ted, and Hank suggests she go see a therapist. He even offers to get them in touch with Crazy Marie’s guy, because she’s the model of perfect sanity. Ha ha…riiight. Marie says they will take the kids to give them space to work on their problems.

It seems like Skyler is cracking up, but it’s actually a calculated move on her part. She wants her kids out of the house and away from Walt. She says she will stop at nothing to keep them safe. She will hurt herself to make it appear she is getting worse. Walt says he will have her committed. Skyler counters that she will bruise her neck and say that Walt is beating her. This is getting ugly. Especially when Skyler says she’s just waiting for his cancer to come back.

But Walter believes that things will turn around. After all, Jesse wanted to kill him a mere few weeks ago and now bought him a watch for his birthday. We see the watch ominously ticking away as the screen goes black.

And just like that, we are halfway done with the season.

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