Tuesday, November 6th

Sitcom Roulette: 30 Rock

The last season of 30 Rock is upon us, and while I’d normally be devastated to lose a show like this, it has long since jumped the shark. It’s time to say goodbye and put it out of its misery.

So…what the hell is up with Alec Baldwin’s face? Clearly he has had work done. I don’t begrudge him a little nip and tuck. His face is in HD every week, after all. But the frozen, pinched expression is best left to the Real Housewives. My real problem is the dye job. Let’s bring back the gray.

Alex Baldwin gray hair

Au naturale

Alec Baldwin dye job

Just for Men

Jack Donaghy has taken a momentary break from trying to tank the network and is putting all his efforts into backing Romney. Tina Fey loves political comedy, so it’s no surprise that the show is focusing on the election right now.

Jack’s foil, Liz Lemon, apparently supports Obama, although they take more than a few opportunities to slam him throughout the show. There’s little blatant favoritism for either side.

The best part of this whole political push and pull: Jenna Maroney. Over the years we’ve seen her go country, turn into a Janis-Joplin-like character, and bring the sexy back to obesity. Never hesitant to change her image to stay relevant, her newest persona is a sort of Jimmy Buffett character, complete with giant fan base called Parrotheads Crab Catchers. This is the best thing that’s happened so far this season.

Jenna Maroney Crab Catcher

When the crew realizes that the election is going to come down to the Florida panhandle, or Crab Catcher territory, it’s determined that Jenna alone has the power to determine the election. Liz and Jack both try to get her to choose a side and shenanigans ensue. We’ll find out who she chose when the election is decided.

The guest stars have been the real treat this season:

Gary Cole and Amy Sedaris

Crab Catchers Gary Cole and Amy Sedaris

Catherine O'Hara and Bryan Cranston

Catherine O’Hara and Bryan Cranston as Kenneth’s mother and stepfather, Ron

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle and black transformer, Jazz

Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz as Lutz’ weird nephew

Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte, sex idiot

Hopefully the season will continue to be star-studded, as character development has pretty much halted for our regulars. Tracy Jordan isn’t going anywhere, but I wonder if that’s due to Tracy Morgan’s health. He’s not looking great these days.

With Jenna getting married and Liz trying to have a baby, it would be nice to see those story lines fulfilled. I still want Liz Lemon to have it all!

What are you hoping will happen in this final season?

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  1. Janet Micorb says:

    I agree that Alec’s fake brown hair looks horrible. He’s already gone gray, so we all know he’s dying his hair and it looks fake and terrible.

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