Friday, November 1st

Shrimp Rolls

A quick and easy dinner trick is to take what you have and roll it in some lettuce. Take your protein, some veggies and something acidic (or creamy, if you prefer) and just roll it on up. If you have a little extra time, pickle some of your veggies.

Red onion, carrots, and radishes

Pickling carrots, radishes, and red onions

On this occasion, we pickled red onions, carrots, and radishes. They came out okay, but they weren’t anything special. So instead of sharing my recipe, I’m referring you to Mary Makes Dinner because she is a pickling queen.

I bundled my pickles, boiled shrimp and rolled it in some butter lettuce with red bell pepper and fresh cilantro. Top with sriracha for a kick!

Shrimp, red peppers, pickles, butter lettuce, sriracha

Shrimp roll with sriracha

What do you like to roll up?

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  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! Those shrimp wraps look mighty tasty.

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