Friday, February 17th

She’s Crafty

My home office is an important space. Unlike my work office, I can have a comfy chair, chic desk, and place to take a nap. I believe all three are conducive to producing great work.

A frequent note-taker, I’m always scrawling ideas on little scraps of paper and notebooks. I try to keep them contained, but in truth they are everywhere. I’ll find notes months later reminding me that I wanted to try cold brewing coffee or dates of upcoming concerts. Notes that say things like find shoe or calories.

I need my notes right in my face. I like them hanging on the wall. So I wanted a new cork board. Here’s what I made last weekend:

It’s quite large and will hold lots of my scattered thoughts. Anyone can make this. You just need to hoard corks for a few years and know how to use a hot glue gun. Don’t use a cheap frame.

It took me a few hours to fit these in like a puzzle and then glue them in nice and tight. It was a nice walk down memory lane as certain corks reminded me of moments in my life. The winery where Mr. Betty proposed, the bottles of wine we shared in Italy, the dinner parties where we laughed with friends. Maybe this board will do more than hold my thoughts. Maybe it’ll inspire new ones. Either way, it’s a nice addition to my office.

Look at the pretty wine stains.


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  1. Taryn says:

    I love this!!! Did you already bring it in and not show me????

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