Tuesday, August 9th

Shark vs. Shark

Which shark is the most terrifying? Most people would say the great white shark. Great whites are the sexiest sharks, propelling out of the water into the air, massive jaws clenching down on a seal, surf board or…your mom. They instill the kind of fear you can’t look away from, which is why people love Jaws or in my case, Shark Week.

But I think the bull shark is the scariest. While they live in the ocean, they are happy to adapt and swim in fresh water to come and kill you. They’ve lurked in the Mississippi, attacked both Jersey Shore and Ganges swimmers, and been spotted in Indiana. If there was ever a shark that would get out of the ocean and wait in your pool, it would be a bull shark. I think I saw one at brunch the other day. Great, now they are on land.

I love all sharks and love being afraid of them. I did a cage dive off the North Shore and was quickly surrounded by many Galapagos sharks, which was exhilarating and terrifying. They aren’t the formidable size of the great whites or bulls at a mere 12 to 14 feet. But they are aggressive, curious about humans, and travel in large numbers. As twenty or so sharks furiously circled and occasionally brushed against me, I hyperventilated into my tube and could not believe my luck. I can’t wait to do it again.

I totally swam with this guy.

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  2. Tom says:

    I think I saw one in line the other day at Shoprite. You can add thieving to the description. Totally ate a bag of chips and didn’t pay for it

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