Monday, August 27th

Say My Name

The first half of the season is winding down. It looks like we will be left with some resolution, although I anticipate some major cliff hangers, too.

Walt Jesse and Mike

Jesse and Mike still plan on taking their cuts and getting out of the meth business. Continuing his plan to build his empire, Walt attempts to get the Phoenix meth guys to join him. He offers them 35% if they will stop cooking and distribute for him, essentially taking Mike’s place. It will be lucrative for all of them, but they seem reluctant. It appears no one is crazy about Heisenberg’s massive ego.

Mike is steadily paying his guys, all of whom are still in prison. It’s interesting to watch the lawyer (not Saul Goodman) place stacks of money in multiple safety deposit boxes. The largest sum is reserved for Mike’s granddaughter’s box, with a note saying it’s for her 18th birthday. We don’t know how much is in that box, but it appears to be millions. That’s going to be a kickass birthday.

Walt pays Hank another visit and cries over Skyler again. This ruse is wearing thin on all of us, including Hank. But Walt manages to remove the office bugs and overhear a little useful info, too. That non-Saul-Goodman lawyer is about to flip and give them Mike. When tailing him and searching his home yielded nothing, Hank’s boss put the kibash on the DEA office spending another cent on this case. So this is a stroke of great luck. We see Mike toss his laptop and giant bag of guns into a well. I hope that isn’t someone’s drinking water.

Jesse is feeling the pressure. Mostly because Walt is not accepting his resignation. They finally have the battle that’s been building up. Accusations fly, words are said, and our boys break up. Jesse storms out without receiving his cut. Oh, Walter White. You are such a bastard. Walt replaces Jesse immediately. We are treated to a jazzy montage where he gives kid-killer-Todd a lengthy meth cooking lesson. Todd seems unsure of himself and you know this partnership is not going to last. The tarantula does not make an appearance and I am grateful.

Mike needs to leave town since the cops are up in his grill. Walt brings him his emergency getaway bag and they fight. Mike won’t turn over the names of his nine guys in jail and Walt knows that without their regular payments, their silence and loyalty will end.

And then Walt freaking shoots Mike! He makes his way to a grassy riverbank to die in peace.

Breaking Bad Mike

And once again, we’re down another cast member. Only one episode left before we break for a year. It’s barely enough time to grieve this loss. I imagine Jesse is going to lose his mind when he finds out. Maybe we’ll deal with that next week. And there are still those nine prisoners looming…

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  2. I saw you at Moonshine last night & so wanted to talk to you about Breaking Bad, but had to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked Mike so much & was so pissed at Walter!

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