Monday, December 31st


Oh, boy. Are we back here already? This year really seemed to fly by. Was it already a whole year ago that I did a quick end of year post and some resolutions? Guess it’s time to do it again.

2012 was a big year. The presidential election and London Olympics kept us entertained for a while. I was glad when both were over. This year brought us Hunger Games movie madness, the close of Twilight movie madness, and the loss of a Beastie Boy. We gained Gangnam Style, and new movies from Woody Allen, Tim Burton, and Quentin Tarantino, three of my favorites.

In Austin, the growth of the city has exploded, with a wait list to get into the city and apartments and condo construction happening everywhere. With the death of Leslie, some would say Austin’s weirdness died. We’re expanding, changing, getting better and getting worse. I’m happy to see the prosperity and sad to see some of the charm slipping away.

Personally, it was a year of growth and change, as well. I left a fulltime job to pursue freelance work and while I don’t know that I’ll do this forever, it’s been the right work at the right time. I traveled a bit, got a new laptop, a new camera, and new blog design. I joined the Austin Food Blogger Alliance and made some great new blogger friends. In the new year I’ll be serving on the board as Education Chair and look forward to making a real contribution to this amazing organization. I participated in Createathon and Blogathon, and will happily do both again.

Blogwise, I had a good year. My readership grew by leaps and bounds, and I gained a large international readership for my pop culture posts. My Mad Men and Breaking Bad recaps were especially popular, so I’ll continue that format indefinitely and consider taking on new shows. I’m working on a list of blog goals for 2013, so be on the lookout for some fun changes.

I have some personal goals for the year, too. All of my goals from last year still stand:

  • I resolve to live healthier. Eat more raw vegetables. Get more exercise. Get more sleep. Drink more water.
  • I resolve to read more.
  • I resolve to procrastinate less.
  • I resolve to be more patient, more compassionate, and less judgmental.
  • I resolve to find balance in my life.

And I’m adding some new ones:

  • I resolve to be more financially responsible.
  • I resolve to curse less. I’d like to stop altogether eventually.
  • I resolve to be a kinder person.
  • I resolve to learn my camera settings. And start learning some coding.
  • I resolve to not walk around with chipped nail polish.
  • I resolve to tweet less. Or more. I’m not sure yet.

I hope 2013 is your best year yet, dear friends. Here’s to us. Cheers!

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  1. Rachel G says:

    Don’t Tweet less…that is the only way we talk to each other. I always look forward to updated blogs, so I hope we seem lots of new and exciting things in 2013.
    And By the way, just a little Early Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Jodi says:

    Can I recommend you add Downtown Abbey to your TV recap list?

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