Monday, January 13th



This post on this day would normally be reserved for a Downton Abbey recap, but since I’ve decided to drop the show from my recaps, I’m free to talk about whatever I want. I didn’t even watch Downton yet, because I devoted my TV time to the Golden Globes. Did you guys watch the Golden Globes? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler knocked it out of the park again.

What else is new? Today’s my birthday. I’m spending it by waking up and going to work, just like every other day. Resenting Monday. (I love the years where my birthday falls on Friday the 13th.) Tonight we’ll grab dinner somewhere and eat chocolate cake.

Lately I’ve been working out a lot and going out/blogging less. I found myself having to pay a year’s worth of gym membership at once and it was a good motivator to start using it again regularly. I’ve also been attending barre classes with my friend and…that shit is hell. Really, really hard. A fantastic bastard of a workout. I’m enjoying/hating it and will continue to buy more when they run special prices on classes.

I’m not sure how my blogging frequency is going to shake out. I recently starting working a new job and it requires more writing than I’ve ever done before. The demands of writing pieces for several clients a day can be intense. I really have to focus and I’m still getting comfortable with a new tone and writing for a different media. When I get home, I’m finding it hard to motivate to write more. My personal writing feels like more of a burden, although I believe this is an issue of timing and balance. After work may not be the time for me to write anymore, so maybe I need to get up early on Sundays to get it done. I’m not sure yet, but I’ll figure it out in time. After all, a writer writes and I don’t want fear of volume to be a limitation. Just like at the gym, I need to increase my stamina.

But look for my blog to change as my life and priorities do. Hopefully you’ll all stick with me and maybe less frequent but more personal posts resonate with you.

What have you been up to lately? Anything new going on in your lives, readers?

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  1. Amy Drohen says:

    I love barre! Congratulations on the new job and I hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend.

  2. Mary says:

    We looove downtown abbey! Happy Birthday! 🙂 Mad props on working out and keeping those NY resolutions up – but don’t forget to “crowdtilt” some fun get-togethers with your friends in the meantime! 😉

    As for us, we’re just working away on our upcoming launch in ATX. Can’t wait to tilt with you guys soon! Let us know if there’s any group activity you want help organizing!


  3. Jodi says:

    Happy Birthday! Where do y’all take barre? I’ve tried Dancers Shape which I liked.

  4. Lee says:

    Happy Birthday! I am obsessed with my Barre 3 online workouts – they are so challenging but also so good for rehabbing injuries. Would love to see a future post! Hope your day goes by fast!

  5. Dave says:

    I was checking in to see you golden globe recap, but hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’ve never watched a single episode of Downton Abbey, so by all means yes please stop writing about it. (Same goes for Mad Men too btw)

    I started exercising a lot more about a year ago. It does swallow up your free time (as does having a kid). I’m down to less than an hour of TV most evenings if I watch any at all.

    I did start watching Breaking Bad on Netflix with that little bit of time I do dedicate to TV. That was one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen. I look forward to getting caught up on it. I have to admit I’d much rather binge on a show and watch it whenever I want and all at once rather than real time with the long gaps between seasons. Especially when it is a serial drama.

    Also, topic for another day, the now ubiquitous season finale cliff-hanger and how annoying these have become. Oh yes can I please wait 6 f-ing months to find out what happened in this show I had been watching religiously. Yeah that sounds like a blast, thanks a ton Hollywood.

  6. Amy Powell says:

    well happy birthday! Monday birthdays kind of suck…. hope you’ll make the most of it & party this weekend 🙂

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