Tuesday, September 30th

Prevention R3 Summit: You’re Invited!

I have a long history with Prevention. My mom had a subscription forever and between her magazines and my Reader’s Digest, we always had small rectangles to stick in our beach bags. I don’t remember a time in my life where those Preventions weren’t in the house; my mom still reads it regularly and after decades, it’s just as good. When my best friend got a job with the publisher, Rodale, in the cookbook division, we devoured even more content from the healthy living outfit. I’ve been a fan of the company and their offerings for most of my life.

So I was happy to hear the R3 Summit was coming back to Austin for a second year. (The three R’s? Revive, Refresh, Reinvent.) I was out of town last year and missed it, but this year I’ll be there with bells on to see people like Andie MacDowell, Chris Freytag, and Mallika Chopra talk about health, diet, exercise, and wellness at the Long Center. On October 17th-18th, we’ll be getting tips on how to cook healthier, work out more effectively, and talk beauty, inside and out.

I’m particularly interested in the screening of Resistance, a documentary about antibiotics, our increasing resistance and the resulting superbugs that pose a huge threat. Scary stuff, but I think we need to talk about it.

Last week I met some of the Prevention staff who are working on the conference and I am so thrilled that Austin is the chosen city for this event. Over a lovely dinner at Eden East we talked about how our city is so passionate about living well. I love living in a place that’s known for not only spectacular food but also an exercise-happy culture and lots of outdoor spaces.

Eden East, Austin Texas

Guests will also enjoy lots of healthy eats, get their chakras cleaned, take a Barre3 class, have guided meditations, have face and tongue readings, and more. There’s tons a stuff to do, so we’ll each have the opportunity to make the day our own, whether we want to participate in more traditional wellness activities or explore the ideas that might be a little foreign to us. I’ve never had my chakras cleaned, so mine are probably filthy.

You can buy tickets and learn more about the R3 Summit here. Use code R3VIB to get $20 off your ticket!

R3VIB for $20 off!

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    Sounds like an awesome event! I definitely recommend barre3 if you have a chance!

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