Monday, April 22nd

Penny Under the Mat

I believe we have finally found our groove this season. Mad Men was fantastic last night. Let’s get into it.

Don is gunning for the Heinz Ketchup account. It was to be done in secret so that Heinz Sauces & Beans doesn’t find out. They create a shady little office that locks with a key and the windows are lined with foil. Stan is on the account and happily smokes pot while he works on “Project K.” The meetings are held in Pete’s apartment and then a hotel room. After pitching their work, they walk out to discover Peggy’s agency ready to pitch as well. The awkward encounter was awesome. No one does awkward as well as this show.

Agency Showdown

Peggy pitches exactly like she watched Don do for years. Looks like she might be surpassing her mentor. Then Sauces & Beans finds out and kicks SCDP to the curb. Ouch. This might be enough to put them all off ketchup and beans forever. Good thing they didn’t piss of any mustard or pickle people, as they are the superior condiments.  Stan gives Peggy the finger on the way out. I guess they won’t be having any more late night conversations on the phone.

Stan Flips Off Peggy

Heinz Letdown

Joan’s friend Kate is in town to interview at Avon. After giving Joan’s mom a Mary Kay makeover and discussing Joan’s successful career, they hit the town. I’m not sure what the hell kind of place they are in that has a phone on every table and no alcohol. Seriously. Can someone leave me a note in the comments and explain this to me? Anyway, they go to a psychedelic make-out bar and wake up crazy hungover. Fun storyline.

We get to know Don’s secretary Dawn a little better. We learn that she’s single and looking, she works long hours for Don, and her best friend is getting married. She keeps her head down at work and like everyone, fears for losing her job. (Psst! It’s still like this at ad agencies.) When Harry’s secretary, Scarlett, asks Dawn to punch her time card when she leaves so she can sneak out to a party, Dawn obliges. She doesn’t feel she can say no.

Mad Men Dawn

Joan catches Scarlett’s five-hour time theft and fires her on the spot. When Harry finds out he loses his shit on Joan and un-fires Scarlett. In the process, he storms into a partner meeting and demands to be made a partner. Um, that’s never gonna happen, Harry. They give him a check for $23k and he balks. Looks like Harry might jump ship soon.

Megan’s soap opera character is given a better storyline with a love affair. Her character is a maid, and I don’t know why, but I think that’s hilarious. She breaks the news to Don that she’ll be kissing an actor on screen and it seems like Don will be cool. But then he shows up for the filming of the scene and acts like a giant jerk. Hypocrite much? He’s still loving it up with neighbor Sylvia. She leaves a penny under the doormat when her husband isn’t home to tip him off. I am so grossed out by this affair. The only thing that would be worse would be Don and Megan taking up her coworkers offer to swing.

Don and Megan

The demure early 60s are definitely behind us, folks. We are in yucky 1968.

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