Tuesday, September 3rd

Paranoia and Lies on Breaking Bad

We’re halfway through the last episodes of Breaking Bad and there’s still plenty to wrap up. Namely, what’s going to happen to Walt? I thought we might see a time jump of a few months but so far I’ve been wrong. We picked up where we left off at the White house and learned why Jesse didn’t burn that mother down. Hank stopped him and took him out just moments before Walt showed up with a gun.

Breaking Bad Saul and Walt

Saul didn’t take being beaten up by Jesse too kindly. He suggests that Walt kill him. Like Old Yeller, who was once loyal and obedient, he’s now rabid and needs to be shot. Walt is unhappy with that suggestion. He does not want to kill Jesse. Awe…touching.

When the cleaning company cannot get all the gasoline out of the carpet, Walt devises an elaborate lie for his family’s sake. For someone who’s spent the last year lying for a living, he does a crappy job. No one buys his “malfunctioned gas hose” story. Flynn suspects he fainted at the pump. Skyler knows it’s something more nefarious. Either way, the family gets to spend some time in a nice hotel while their home steeps in gasoline smell.

Breaking Bad Skyler and Walt

Skyler drinks and nags and drinks and nags. Walt tells her the truth and she suggests he kill Jesse. So we have a little theme going here. The conversation is long and boring. We don’t have time for this! Our Breaking Bad moments are few and precious. I am annoyed. Also, Marie has a therapy session that does nothing to further the story. Stop wasting time, writers. Later, by the pool, Walt and Flynn have a moment. Flynn is worried about Walt’s health. I hope we never have to see the look of disappointment on this kid’s face when the truth comes out.

Breaking Bad Walt and Flynn

So where’s Jesse? Oh, just sleeping off his most recent drug hysteria and almost arson at Hank and Marie’s. My favorite moment of the episode is when Jesse scream pleads at Hank, HE CAN’T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT! He agrees to be Hank’s witness and share everything he knows. Agent Gomez is there, too, so we know Hank has finally let the cat out of the bag.

Breaking Bad Jesse

Breaking Bad Hank

Jesse gives a long, videoed recount of Walt’s crimes. Hank and Gomez believe him, but know it’s still not enough to take Walt down. There’s no proof. Walt operated in a net of secrecy and Hank can’t seem to find a way in. But there’s one lead. Walt wants to meet Jesse at a public place and talk things over. As Hank states, Walt cares for Jesse. I believe this is true. But Jesse doesn’t buy it and sarcastically says, Yeah, Mr. White’s gay for me. Oh, Jesse. Even sullen with rage and paranoia, he cracks me up.

Breaking Bad Jesse

At the time of the meeting, Jesse backs out, calling Walt from a pay phone and threatening him. He’s certain Walt is going to have him killed him right there in the public plaza. Hank is pissed, as Jesse was wearing a wire. This was supposed to be what broke the case open for ole’ Hanky.

Walt wasn’t going to kill Jesse, but now thinks he may have no other recourse. He calls Todd and tells him he may have another job for his uncle. End of episode.

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    The suspense is killing me eeek! What is going to happen to Walt, Jessie, Hank??? It is going to be an amazing finale for sure.

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