Tuesday, May 28th

Old Habits Die Hard

How lucky were we that they still aired Mad Men over the holiday weekend? And if you ask me, they made up for last week’s odd episode with a double shot of awesome this week.

There is still no cohesion in the agency and they are struggling with the margarine creative. Don and Ted are at odds conceptually and put Peggy in the middle. She refuses to choose a side, earning no one’s respect and finding herself an island at work. Ted confesses his feelings for her and she admits to thinking about him, too. Aw, can’t these two crazy kids get together?

Betty is back! And she’s skinny and blonde, like the old Betty we know and love. Or hate.

Betty Draper on Mad MenShe and Don are on their way to Bobby’s camp, separately. But they get together for some wholesome family fun.

Father Abraham

Later, Don and Betty get together for some less than wholesome fun of their own…in Betty’s motel room. I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING! I actually can’t believe either of them wants to go there. But she seems to need the validation and he’s a pig, so…I guess it isn’t that surprising. They have a nice moment and Betty muses that poor Megan doesn’t realize that loving Don is the worst way to get to him.

Megan seems down in the dumps. She’s having trouble playing the role of twins at work. She’s no Haley Mills.

Haley Mills in the Parent Trap

When her friend Margaret (who you may remember as half of the swinging couple from earlier in the season) comes over to run lines, she puts the moves on Megan. Poor Megan. Work and home are both a shit storm these days. She tells Don that something has to change in their relationship and he agrees.

Joan, Bob and Roger in Mad Men

Roger is feeling sad and lonely. He wants to hang around Joan and be a father to Kevin. When he drops in with some Lincoln Logs for the baby, he is shocked to find Bob Benson there with some short shorts and his ever present Greek coffee cup. The happy couple are headed to the beach and want no parts of Roger. Poor Roger. On a show of lonely souls, Roger is the loneliest.

Pete, another lonely soul, took Harry Crane’s advice and met with a headhunter. And the headhunter is Duck! Duck tells Pete that he needs to spend time with his family or nothing else in his life will work.

Pete Campbell on Mad Men

And finally…Peggy. She and Abe continue to live in the gates of hell. When Abe gets stabbed getting off the subway, it is the last straw and she wants to sell the building even if she takes a loss. Abe, on the other hand, isn’t bothered by the stabbing and won’t tell the police anything. Abe is a man of the people, that’s for sure. But I still don’t like him.

The next night Peggy comes home to a rock thrown through their bedroom window. She is really afraid but Abe leaves her alone to go to work. She sleeps with a makeshift spear, which appears to be a broom handle with a sharp knife attached to the end. When chaos and screaming erupt outside, she guards the window with her weapon, turning to stab Abe deep in the belly when he startles her. I guess the second stabbing of the week was worse than the first, because he berates her in the ambulance and ends their relationship.

Ted and Peggy in Mad Men

Now that she’s free to date Ted he’s no longer interested. So sad!

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  1. When I was watching on Sun, I immediately thought…..oh I wonder if Kristin is going to mention Bob’s shorty shorts in her recap! šŸ™‚

  2. Senor Betty says:

    Great post! Astute observation regarding Bob Benson and his Greek coffee cup. Roger is the loneliest guy on the show šŸ™ Love the Parent Trap photo and especially the gif.

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