Friday, December 13th

Odd Duck

Odd Duck, Austin Texas

Those driving up and down South Lamar have been patiently watching and waiting for the brick and mortar incarnation of Odd Duck. To their credit, shortly after the signage went up things moved quickly. No extended wait on this one. Bryce Gilmore doesn’t mess around.

Craft Taste and I rushed over on opening night, dear readers, so that you might have a first look at some of the dishes. Rest assured that Odd Duck will be the hot spot for quite awhile, so you should go right away or wait a couple months. But we certainly beat the rush and didn’t sacrifice in quality or service. They are ready.

Odd Duck, Austin Texas

Like Barley Swine, there’s a comfortable bar to cozy up to and peruse the excellent beer and wine lists. There’s also a nice cocktail menu and I enjoyed a Moscow Mule with their house ginger beer. The pleasant bite was sheer perfection. Mr. Betty had a Founder’s Breakfast Stout which he regards as a real treat.

Drinks at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

There’s plenty of seating at the bar and tables both inside and out. We opted to sit at the long communal table and soak up the excitement of the other groups. It was hard to choose from everything on the menu but our waitress helped steer us towards some of the staff’s early favorites.

We started with warm pretzels stuffed with ham and gruyere and a creamy mustard sauce. They were subtle, letting the mustard take center stage. The beer funnel cake was less successful, with a strongly bitter aftertaste overwhelming the whole dish. This was the only thing I wouldn’t order again.

Pretzel, Ham, Gruyere and Mustard at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

Beer funnel cake at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

The charred broccoli, sorrel, and honeycrisp apple slices sat atop a sous-vide scrambled egg that was simply stunning. Those pretty flowers are fried thin slices of the broccoli stem!

My only regret of the night was my photo of the kohlrabi soup. I was so entranced by the verbal description and presentation that I did not catch a photo before the broth was poured. This is the dish that blew me away. We raved about it so much that the people next to us ordered it at the end of their meal. If you only get one thing, get this soup! There’s creamy cheddar custard and world’s tastiest bacon are in that broth, people.

Charred broccoli at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

Kohlrabi soup at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

The goat rolled in pasta was an explosion of flavor, the savory meat accompanied by a divine mole and butternut squash. Another highlight of the evening was the boudin grits, pickled shrimp and chicharrones. Served in a mason jar, each bite offered a magical combination of creaminess, acidity and salty crunch. Major wow factor on this one.

Goat rolled in pasta at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

Shrimp and grits at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

One last show-stopper before dessert. The chicken fried chicken egg came with lots of mushrooms and homemade hot sauce. Who doesn’t love cutting into a perfectly runny egg?

Chicken fried egg at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

Chicken fried egg at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

The sticky toffee pudding made for the perfect ending to a great meal. The sweetness was balanced with rich goat cheese and tart pickled apples.

Sticky toffee pudding at Odd Duck, Austin Texas

My takeaway? The food was creative and delicious, service was polished, and atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Quite warm, actually. No need to wear a sweater.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Odd Duck. We’re so happy you’re here.

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  2. Jay says:

    A fantastic place to take clients or your spouse. Price point isn’t for everyone but not terrible either….

  3. Jodi says:

    Thank you for sharing your first impressions! I’m looking forward to trying it. As for price point, $38 is crazy. What’s the cost of the average entree?

    • verykristin says:

      I’d say lots of the entrees fell between $7 and $20. There was only one dish at $38 and we didn’t order it. I was hoping someone else at the table would so I could see it, but no one did.

  4. Lauren says:

    ah, that looks so delicious!

  5. Optimista says:

    I am so incredibly impressed that you already have a post up! You are my blogging hero. Your amazing photos and descriptions made my knees weak! I can’t wait to go and try all your recommended dishes. Thank you for the preview!

  6. Megan says:

    Price point? I loved that at the trailer you could order lots of small dishes and nothing was over $10 (IIRC). I love Barley Swine too but it’s expensive for me to go to often.

    • verykristin says:

      Good question. I’d put the price point somewhere between the trailer and Barley Swine. There are items under $10 but you’d want to get quite a few to make a meal. The priciest plate on the menu was $38.

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