Friday, January 10th

To Moscow with Lemons

I love everything about lemons. I put it in my hair as a teenager, hoping to maximize the effects of the sun and get some blonde streaks. My mom is a lemon nut and I grew up squeezing lots of lemon on the mountains of flounder and scallops she cooked every weekend. And her lemon meringue pie is still among my very favorite desserts. It wasn’t until my husband pointed out the ever-present lemons on our kitchen counter (usually dried out lemon wedges, actually) that I became aware to the fact that my whole family may be lemon obsessed.

So when my good friend Kristina offered up a generous batch of Meyer lemons, I greedily accepted. For years her prolific backyard tree has been providing huge Meyer lemons bursting with juice and her friends have been reaping the rewards. I’d say each lemon yields double to triple the juice of a regular lemon. Meyer lemons are slightly less tart and have slight notes of orange. They are incredible!

Moscow Mule with Meyer lemons

Visit Kristina’s blog to see my twist on the classic Moscow Mule, the Meyer Mule. And while you’re there, check out all the other amazing recipes with Meyer lemons on there, both from Kristina and other Austin bloggers. Each unique recipe features these gorgeous, lush lemons that will make your mouth water.

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  1. Lee says:

    Oh wow. This sounds divine. I am definitely trying this. But, of course, I am lemon obsessed. (And this post made me LOL.)

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