Wednesday, May 15th

Margarine Tales

The day has arrived! The agencies merge. And it’s weird. And I LOVE IT!

Mad Men Merge

There’s all kinds of office shuffling and ego bruising as the two agencies learn to work with each other. The secretaries and Roger all seem extra bitchy. The creatives are crammed into the same space, with the exception of Peggy who gets Harry Crane’s office. Ha ha!

Mad Men Brainstorm

The first brainstorming session is about margarine. The team is pretty stumped on coming up with ideas because they are rusty margarine is disgusting. Don shows up 40 minutes late and pisses off Ted. And Don’s pissed, too. Everyone’s pissed.

Ted and Don

Maybe Don shouldn’t have blown off his first day of work to hang out with Sylvia. I don’t know about you, but I hate this affair. More than any other affair in the whole series. Part of it is Sylvia’s housecoats and head scarves. Yuck. She looks like she got lost on the way to Sanford and Son.


Don keeps her trapped in a hotel room pulling some dominant bullshit and eventually she calls off the affair. I’m surprised it ended like this. I thought Megan or Arnold would catch them in a horrible, dramatic scene. Looks like Don gets off easy again.


Poor Joan is sick at work. Clutching her side, barfing into a trashcan, sick. Trusty old Bob Benson puts down his Greek coffee cup for once and takes her to the ER. He elegantly lies to get her to the front of the line and visits her later at home, brings her baby a football. Looks like a budding romance to me. This could finally explain Bob’s presence. Joan swiftly saves Bob’s ass when they fire a ton of people from both agencies.

Pete is afraid of being pushed out of his job, and I must admit, he’s probably not being paranoid for once. When his mother shows up at his apartment, clearly in the early stages of dementia, I can feel his blood pressure rising. He’s got a lot on his plate. All the gin and tonics in the world don’t keep her from starting a fire in Pete’s kitchen.

Pete's Mother

The best part of the episode was the dynamic between Don and Ted. Their creative and management styles are so different, not to mention their personalities. Don gets Ted sloppy drunk and before he passes out on the floor of his office, he tells Don his Gilligan’s Island theory. How each character represents a segment of the market. Huh. I guess if that’s true I’ll be in the same market as the professor. (Truth: I am Gilligan.)

Just when it looks like Don will win this battle of wills, Ted turns out to be a pilot with his own plane. Don is terrified on their small, stormy flight to see a client and the playing field is now level.

Don and Ted Flying

The episode ends with the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

Megan and Don

What troubling times these were.

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  1. cameron says:

    Roger Firing Burt again was easily the best scene from this episode. Roger needs more screen time! We want more, We want more!

  2. Corrin says:

    The scene in the plane made the whole episode worth it. When they came up over the clouds and Ted put his aviators on I about died. It was everything.

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