Wednesday, May 29th

Mad Betty Meets Urban Betty

Urban Betty Salon, Austin TX

I was invited to check out Urban Betty last week and aside from desperately needing some highlights and a haircut, I was happy to patronize a fellow Betty. Bettys need to stick together, right?

Located in the little hideaway mall on 38th Street, the salon is nestled in the back corner of some cutesy boutiques. For my next appointment I’ll allow extra time to wander around and check out the surroundings. But on this visit, I had one mission: beautify!

Urban Betty Salon Austin, TX

Upon entering I noticed that the name is a bit of a misnomer in a decor sense. I expected a cold, austere vibe. Maybe a little too cool for school in the way that salons can be sometimes. Instead, what I found was a colorful, welcoming, warmth that felt like home. And perhaps that’s what urban really feels like. Austin urban.

Urban Betty Salon Austin, TX

Urban Betty Salon, Austin TX

The waiting area looked cozy, but I was whisked away before I even had a chance to sit down. Tara brought me to her chair and I settled in with my coffee. We talked about what I had been doing with my hair lately which entails hiding my burgeoning grays whites, conditioning it often and using a diffuser. Yes, dear readers, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m curly. Which means I’m special I have a harder life.

Justin Timberlake Curls

Tara took extra time giving me recommendations and listening to what I wanted. It’s a step that’s so important yet often skipped over. I felt completely comfortable with the plan and as Tara set to work I looked around and absorbed more of the decor. You guys, this place is so cute. There are cool little embellishments, a rotating art gallery, and a courtyard garden.

Vintage Hair Dryer

Gold Boot

Urban Betty Courtyard

It’s a lovely place to pass the time while you wait for your color to process. The end result was one of the best I’ve ever had. Tara blew it out straight (a real treat for a curly girl) and gave me tips for styling at home. We talked about the products that would work for me and some of the hottest new products on the market.

Bumble and Bumble

Tara kept a record of what she did, so when I go back next time there will be no trying to guess at matching my colors. I looked at the pile of curls on the floor and felt not a drop of remorse and my new, shorter length. I felt light, bouncy and like a new woman.

If you’re looking to refresh your look, let me recommend Tara and Urban Betty Salon.

Tara Songey

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