Monday, August 5th

Live Every Week Like it’s Shark Week

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Shark Week. [Cue Jaws music.] 

Great White Shark

You guys know I’m all about the sharks. I probably missed my calling as a marine biologist, but I had a shitty public school science education and embraced English instead. That’s why me write good, but me science = dumb.

I’m thrilled to see Shark Week growing in popularity each year. Public perception has steadily shifted from outright fear to embracing these amazing (and terrifying) creatures. The truth is, I enjoy being a little afraid of sharks. I guess it’s the same way people like roller coasters and zombies.

Anyway, this year’s Shark Week has a few fun new things. Sharktweeto will air a few times and feature live shark tweets. New episodes of classics will feature plenty of attacks, great whites breaching, and sensational shark footage. Shark After Dark will bring a little comedy to the shark infested waters, especially the night Tara Reid is on to discuss Sharknado.


In related news, I was sent a review copy of Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark. I rarely accept books for review, so you know this is something special.


The collaborative work between Discovery Channel and TIME features more than 400 photos in its glossy pages. It’s a beautiful, robust book that’s aptly named. It really does have everything. Information on all infamous species, anatomy, their pups, and conservation efforts, just for starters. It’s an all-ages book with appealing, museum-like layout. I have a couple shark books (nerd alert) and this is by far my favorite. You can get a copy here if it’s your thang. And here’s where you can learn more about the Shark Week schedule.

Happy shark week, everyone.

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