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Let’s Catch Up on Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is back in the US this Sunday, January 5th. Old news across the pond of course, but let’s pretend it’s all brand new, shall we? You might remember that last season ended on kind of a dark note, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Here’s a little refresher on what’s happened so far. The first two seasons introduced us to the Crawley family and their house staff, which you can read more about here.

I’m going to assume if you’re reading this that a) you already know who everyone is, and b) you’ve already watched Season 3 and just need a refresher. If you do not…then stop reading now.

Mary and Matthew wedding on Downton Abbey

Last season we saw Mary and Matthew get married. Although it first required some back and forth drama about money, etc. And when there’s an estate this size, money will certainly always be a central theme. Turns out dear old dad, Robert, lost lots of money in some foolishness and now Matthew is kind of the boss. It’s a weird dynamic. Also, Robert was kind of a dick all season.

We got to meet Cora’s mother. It’s nice to have another American on the show, especially when that American is the fabulous Shirley Maclaine! Now we can all take a whack at Ouiser.

Edith's wedding on Downton Abbey

Edith’s old maid driving skills paid off and she found true love with an old dude. No one approved, but Edith told everyone to step off and planned a wedding. But he jilted her at the alter and it’s maybe the best episode of the season. She took her rage and started petitioning for women’s rights. And then she started dating a married man. His wife is locked away in an asylum though, so it’s all good.

Edith’s defiance is only surpassed by Sybil’s, who you may recall married the help. Branson is as sassy an Irishman as ever, pissing everyone off round the clock. I’m only half Irish, meaning people are only pissed at me like 50% of the time. But at least I haven’t been banned from Ireland like Branson. They fled the country and pregnant Sybil was forced to give birth at Downton. Robert, ever the dick, insisted on an arrogant fancy doctor and Sybil ended up DEAD. Yeah, dude. She’s freaking dead!

Sybil dies on Downton Abbey

Cousin Isobel busies herself with Ethel. Remember Ethel? Shamed because she had a soldier’s baby out of wedlock? Well she a ho’ now. Until Isobel makes her a maid and that leads to all kinds of controversy because apparently it ain’t cool to associate with a hooker.

In the staff quarters, things were just as crazy as ever. Carson was an uptight maniac but showed true heart when Mrs. Hughes experienced a breast cancer scare.

Bates suffered, or rather we suffered through tedious prison scenes for many episodes. Yawn. He eventually got out and he and Anna moved into a little cottage.

Bates on Downton Abbey

There was a love-triangle situation between Lurch, Daisy, and Jimmy. Daisy is as stupid as Lurch is tall, so they’d make a good match in my opinion. But there’s no denying that Jimmy is the prettiest in the house. New maid Ivy thought so, too, and she was all foxtrotting it up with make-up on, making a real arse of herself. Carson immediately stopped the dancing. (Later, he moved to that Footloose town to prevent those kids from dancing, too.)

Jimmy on Downton Abbey

Thomas and Mrs. O’Brien were still total bitches, only last season they turned on each other. Thomas’ gayness became a bigger plot line and he evolved from total douche to actual human being.

Mary and Matthew baby on Downton Abbey

Mary and Matthew have a baby and things took a turn for the better. For five minutes…and then Matthew died in a car accident. That’s how the season ends.

Matthew dies on Downton Abbey

Are you excited for Season Four? Any predictions? I’m hoping to see Thomas get a boyfriend this season. And maybe Cora will have an affair. I’d like to see Bates and Anna have a more interesting story and as usual, I’m rooting for Daisy to die. See you on Sunday, Downton!

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