Friday, November 25th

Where You Lead, I Will Follow

GIlmore Girls

This post is part of my ongoing relationship with Netflix as a Stream Team partner.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend! But for many the real reason to celebrate is the anticipated arrival of Lorelai and Rory. After all these years we are going back to Stars Hollow with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? Will you be watching?

I have a feeling many of my friends will have binged the whole thing before this post even goes live, so don’t ruin it for me. No tweeting the plot!

We had a good month and a really great Thanksgiving. Professionally, I’m working on something I really like for a couple months. Violet had to switch schools to one that was able to accommodate our busier schedule. It’s a little closer to home and they provide meals, which means she’s getting to try more foods. She’s far from an adventurous eater but we’re working on it.

Work View, downtown Austin

Denver Zoo

We went to Denver last month for a family trip and got to see what it was like traveling with a young toddler on a plane. It was not awesome. But it was worth it to spend precious time with family. Violet trick-of-treated at the Denver Zoo and we enjoyed the city and loved getting away for a few days.



We spent Thanksgiving eating seafood and sesame noodles and the perfect chocolate pie. It was nice to forget about the election results and the frightening state of our country for a few hours. I’m lucky that I get to focus on my sweet baby during these troubling times.


Chocolate Pie, from The Pioneer Woman

Now we’re full steam ahead till the holidays. I’m looking forward to getting a Christmas tree and taking Violet to see the lights and Santa and all that. See you next month for another Stream Team post!

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