Tuesday, April 3rd



I’ve been wanting to check out Komé since it opened and I finally had a chance. Austin is not a place where you can find authentic ramen…until now.

Served only at lunch, they offer shoyu, miso and tonkotsu. The simplest way to differentiate is through the broth:

  • Shoyu = soy sauce based
  • Miso = miso based
  • Tonkotsu = pork bone based


tonkotsu ramen

I tried the tonkotsu and it was delicious! Rich, flavorful broth, perfectly cooked egg and noodles, and the toppings were all incorporated well.

My friend had the tofu steak teishoku and loved it. A tender, tofu steak perfectly complimented with crisp veggies and a fresh salad.


The service was impeccable. Attentive and friendly. The decor was modern, yet laid back. Very Austin.

Now that I’ve tried the ramen, I will definitely go back and sample from their creative sushi menu.

Kome chopsticksKome

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