Monday, April 15th

Ketchup vs. Beans

Hello, friends. Mad Men kicked off at the Campbell’s house and everyone was flirting with everyone. Pete lures their lovely neighbor, Brenda, to his city apartment under the pretense of tickets to see Hair and the affair commences. (If there’s a God of Mad Men, please let Megan join the cast of Hair.) Turns out Brenda’s a bit of a clingy psycho. Her husband finds out and drops her off a bloody mess at Pete’s door. In my favorite Trudy moment ever, she yells at Pete. She knows all about his philandering and thought giving him the city apartment would be the most discreet way of handling it. But now she’s just mad and said they are OVER. “If you so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you!

Don seems completely immersed in his affair with his neighbor, Sylvia. Frankly, their living in the same building makes me nervous. I mean, this can’t end well.

Don and Sylvia

It’s hard to watch Megan unknowingly confide in Sylvia about her marriage troubles and recent miscarriage. She’s guilty for feeling relieved. Her soap opera career is fulfilling enough for the time-being. I, for one, miss Megan’s cat eye liner from last season.

Megan Draper

Remember when a sleaze at Jaguar gave SCDP their business in exchange for a night with Joan? Well, Sleazy Herb is back. He wants the agency to pull focus from the national ad campaign and instead shift messaging to regional sales support. Like radio spots. He wants the agency to pitch this idea to the higher ups at Jaguar. Don gives an intentionally terrible pitch so the campaign will remain as intended. I loved watching him sink that meeting.

In other agency news, there’s a departmental war at Heinz. No one respects the beans guy and the ketchup guy is an arrogant tool. “Beans” had forbidden they work on business for “Ketchup,” but Ketchup is maybe interested in switching agencies. Maybe. When Peggy gets wind, she blabs to her (awesome) boss and they are going to go for the ketchup. All of this makes me think, I could really go for a hotdog right now. Also, everyone hates Peggy at work. Except her (awesome) boss, who I love. I hope to see Kevin Rahm with a larger role this season.

Kevin Rahm

We are treated to a couple flashbacks to Don’s childhood and they are devastating. I’m sure we’ll be treated to more scenes as he is a little boy living in a whorehouse with his pregnant mother. No wonder he’s so messed up.

I’ll leave you with one question to ponder. What’s the deal with Bob Benson?

Bob Benson

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  2. Senor Betty says:

    Great post, I feel like the writers are setting us up for something big with Bob Benson. I think some disturbing stuff is going to happen in Don’s flashbacks.

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