Monday, January 14th

Just Another Glamorous Night

I had to make a decision on what to post today, a Golden Globe recap or a Downton Abbey recap. What would be better? Well, nothing’s better than the classiness of Downton. WRONG! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are better than everything in the world! So Golden Globes it is. But Downton tomorrow…

So yes, Tina and Amy. Sigh. I wanted the opening to last forever. They looked so glamorous and have just a natural repartee. Great separate and better together, they are the comedy team of the millenium. Look at Amy’s red carpet look! So chic.

Amy Poehler

The Golden Globes are fun because they balance the serious stuffiness of the Oscars with the humor of the Emmys. The awards are split between television and movies, and I like that, as I love both so much. I halfheartedly watched the red carpet interviews before the show. Lots of great dresses.

Jennifer Lawrence had one of my favorite looks, feminine yet edgy, and took home the trophy for Best Actress in a Comedy. I still need to see Silver Linings Playbook.

Jennifer Lawrence

J. Lo’s dress was gorgeous, too. She has a knack for pushing the envelope and wearing daring designs and always. Pulls. It. Off.

Jennifer Lopez

Lucy Liu was simply stunning in this floral Carolina Herrara. And the messy braid is perfection. But I chose this photo for the crazy-looking ladies on either side of her.

Lucy Liu

Salma Hayek also wore one of my favorite gowns of the evening. I’ve seen her struggle with fit in the past, but not this time. The entire thing is beaded and it must weigh 25 pounds.

Salma Hayek

There were a few surprises during the show. Argo won for Best Drama and Best Director. Way to go, Ben Affleck. I need to see that one, too. And Bill Clinton presented Lincoln. 

Bill Clinton

Jodie Foster was the big honoree of the night. Her speech was…confusing. She started her speech by imitating Molly Shannon in the “I’m 50 Years Old” sketch, and that wasn’t great. She sort of came out of the closet, but of course, she’s been sort of out for many years. She vacillated between sentimental professions of love for her family and Mel Gibson, to lecturing about privacy, and what it means to be an actor. Then she sort of quit acting, but changed her mind during the backstage interviews. So, I’m not sure what the deal was. Was she drunk? Or is she just another Hollywood weirdo? Either way, she looked great.

Jodie Foster

Big winners of the night: Les Misérables, Girls, and Homeland. Oddest faces on camera were Mel Gibson, Taylor Swift, and a walrus Bill Murray.

Bill Murray

What were your favorite moments from the awards?

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  1. Argo was awesome! I just watched it on Saturday, yay for winning those awards! We were out at Scouts Sunday so I missed the show.

  2. I really liked Jennifer Lawrence’s dress, but the boob silhouette was a bit strange, as was the one Jessica Chastain wore. The pale aqua color was stunning on her, but it looked like she had saggy boobs. Loved the opening monologue from Tina & Amy, but yeah, they did sort of disappear afterwards.

  3. Jodi Foster—yes so confusing/weird/awkward!!!!!!!

    I have to disagree on Lucy Liu. Didn’t like that dress, at all. I thought it looked like a bad soft pattern.

  4. Dave says:

    I also really liked Lucy Lui’s dress. It reminded me of something the mice in Cinderella (or Amy Adams in Enchanted) would make out of the curtains. I mean that in a good way.

    I’d like to add Nicole Richie to you list of oddest faces, why the heck was she there?

    I felt like Tina and Amy were hardly present after the opening dialogue. I also greatly preferred the red dress Amy wore during the show to that capri pant suit thing on the red carpet, of which I was not a fan. sorry.

    Best moment of the night was Kristen Wiig and Will Farrell with his Ron Burgundy mustache.

  5. Taryn says:

    Loved JLaw. You would LOVE Silver Linings Playbook! My fav of the season, but I haven’t seen Django or Argo yet…

    Also loved Taylor’s dress, KBell’s cute little pregnant look, and literally everything about Tina and Amy (except that they weren’t on screen more).

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