Wednesday, June 12th

Juice Wars

Another slow episode, at least, initially. Don and Roger are wooing Sunkist, while Ted’s half of the agency is jamming on Ocean Spray. They can only pursue one of these clients to avoid conflict. I love that in the late 60s we are getting treated to so many recognizable brands on the show. Speaking of recognizable brands, do you remember when Volkswagen had awesome advertising? Here’s one in particular that I loved, featuring one of our very own Mad Men.

Anyway. Arnold and Sylvia have a son, Mitchell, who looks to Megan for Canadian connections so that he may dodge the draft. Can’t blame the kid.

Mad Men Draft-Dodger

Maybe it’s his own veteran status or his lingering feelings for Sylvia, but Don goes a little nuts worrying about this. He brings everyone down at a lighthearted Chevy dinner. Ted sees they’re entering into risky territory with the client, who are a bit more conservative and he saves the night. Later he lays into Don but then offers to use his airplane connections to help Mitchell. Don agrees to stop getting in Ted’s way at work. He calls Sylvia and tells her the news. She cries and Don’s shunning is over.

Chevy Dinner

Mad Men Don and Ted

Sally and her annoying little friend Julie are staying in NYC for their Model UN activities. They flirt with Mitchell and Julie slips a note under his door from Sally, only to tell a livid Sally later. Luckily Sally is BFF with the doorman and borrows his giant keyring whenever she wants. She sneaks into Mitchell’s apartment and catches Sylvia and Don doing it. They die. I die. All of America dies. This is the horrific scene I’ve been fearing all season. Sally takes off and a stricken Don wanders around fearing the consequences. Daaaay-um. I just can’t believe this. Mr. Betty and I scream and pull out our hair.

Mad Men Julie and Sally

In the second worst animal to be spotted in Peggy’s apartment (after Abe) she realizes she has a rat problem. But that is nothing compared to her encounter with Pete’s mother who sits down and talks about her baby with Pete. Of course, she has no idea about the actual baby Peggy and Pete conceived. She merely thinks Peggy is Trudy. AWKWARD!

Mad Men Peggy and Pete's Mom

Pete’s mother thinks her male nurse is her boyfriend. That really sets Pete off and he takes it out on Bob Benson, who recommended Manolo. Bob assures Pete that Manolo is gay. Then he attempts to play footsies with Pete and hits on him. Oooohhh, so that’s the deal with Bob Benson. He’s gay. Pete is not interested. And I feel bad for Joan.

Not sure that this will lead to anything, but we learn that Ted’s wife is frustrated with his work schedule. He seems like a great dad though. He really is the flip side of the coin for Don, all honesty and lightness. It’s a nice contrast to Don’s broody darkness.

Mad Men Ted

One thing I really miss about this season is Don’s sheer creative genius. No matter what demons he was battling and how supremely flawed he was, we forgave him because of his talents. But the writers aren’t playing up his work and creativity anymore. He’s lost that dimension and I think it’s a disservice to the show. Thoughts?

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  1. Linda says:

    I noticed the creative dimming of Draper too! I thought it was intentional of the writer. He was so busy being a deplorable dad and heart broken and self medicating that it actually started to affect his work.

  2. Terry Grier says:

    Love the addition of the VW commercial. Great find.

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