Tuesday, December 4th

Is Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Worth Seeing?

Should you even bother seeing the last installment of the Twilight movies? Um, duh. Yes! I convinced Mr. Betty to accompany me Thanksgiving night and we laughed through the movie all hopped up on tryptophan and good feelings.

If you recall how the first part of Breaking Dawn ended, Bella was dying during childbirth and Edward made her a vampire.

Bella vampire eyes

It was fun to watch Bella get used to her new powers, leaping through the forest and feeding on unsuspecting animals. Dare I say, Kristen Stewart smiled more in this movie than any of the others.

Little Renesmee Cullen was perfect and creepy, played by the adorable Mackenzie Foy. I’m still thinking we’ll see future books and movies based on Renesmee and her unique half vampire, half mortal human traits. Fingers crossed, dorks.

Renesmee Cullen

The Volturi play a huge role in the movie, traveling all the way to Forks to inspire fear and intimidation. Their serious faces and cloaks gave much to laugh about.

The Volturi

The original Cullen’s are featured less here. The story falls to the many friends they call on to help them from around the world to fight the Volturi. There’s nothing as fun as vampires from Ireland, Germany, Russia, and the very best…the Amazon rainforest. Jungle vampires? Oh hell yes. They all get together and trade stories and hang out ’round the campfire having vampire good times.

Vampire Amazon Clan

Without giving away anything else, I’ll simply say this was the best movie of the Twilight Saga. Why? Because there was lots of action and the storyline kept moving. The movie wasn’t a drawn out series of Bella and Edward staring into each others eyes longingly. They are parents now and don’t have as much time for that nonsense. Plus, there was great vampire and wolf violence. And isn’t that what makes life worth living?

Did you see it? What did you think?

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  1. Teen Wolf says:

    I thought the movie was great. When I saw it there was a full moooooooooooon!

  2. I agree! It was my favorite of them too….well maybe tied with the 1st one. 🙂

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