Tuesday, September 4th


Man. Mike is still dead. I guess I have to face it. Before he gets dissolved in a barrel of chemicals, let’s take a moment to remember him.

Breaking Bad Mike

But life goes on and Walt must meet Lydia to get the names of Mike’s guys. She’s a nervous wreck and afraid that Walt is going to kill her right there in the coffee shop. He did bring his trademark poison but spared her life to get that list of prisoners. Oh, and now they are going into business together to sell meth in the Czech Republic, where one in 20 people are tweekers. Terrible statistic, but great for business.

Breaking Bad Lydia

Now about that prison list. In order to keep Mike’s guys from squealing, they must be dealt with. Walt wants them all killed in the three prisons they are held in…within two minutes time. So we are treated to a lovely montage of violent stabbings, beatings and one poor guy who got set on fire. Hank is bummed about this mass murder spree. His job is getting him down.

We are treated to another montage. This time it’s all about the business. Cooking, selling, planes flying, people getting their cut, money stacking up, houses being tented. Everything going like clockwork just like the old days, only bigger and with Todd in Jesse’s place.

Jesse Pinkman

Where is Jesse? Good question. He’s sitting on his couch futon falling asleep with a cigarette in his hand. Don’t burn down your house, yo. Walt drops by and they reminisce about the good ole days when they were cooking in the Bounder, their oft brokedown RV. It was tense and weird. Walt left Jesse a couple giant bags of money. Jesse thought Walt Mr. White was there to kill him. I think we can safely assume that their relationship will never be repaired. Especially when Jesse finds out what happened to Mike.

So where’d those bags of money come from? Just a small piece of Walt’s giant cash fortune.

Breaking Bad cash

Skyler rented a storage unit for all the cash that’s been coming in. It’s too much to launder or even hide. She shows Walt the money and wants to know when it will be enough. She wants her children and her life back. And damn, the stacks are staggering. So Walt agrees to stop. What?! Yes, he’s retiring. Maybe we’ll get our happy ending.

But wait!

Breaking Bad Hank

Taking time out from a happy family party at the White’s house, Hank finds a note from Gail to Walt. We flash back to Hank wondering who was working with Gus, someone with the initials W. W. In an instant, he knows it is Walt. SHIIIIIIT!!!!!!

And with that, the midseason finale is over. See you in a year.

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  1. […] wait! Hank finds a book inscribed by Gus Fring Gale on the back of Walt’s toilet and makes the connection that Walt is the guy he’s been looking for all this […]

  2. Mildly-perturbed Stanley says:

    Just like Hank, most of my revelations come to me on the toilet, too.

  3. Fraunhofer says:

    SO MAD we have to wait so long. What a tease. Good recap MB. Lots of parallels to Dexter now in it’s final episodes. What will happen when they get caught by their loved ones?! Bum bum bummmmm………..

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