Tuesday, December 11th

Holiday Gift Guide: Corrin Renee Edition

The second installment of the gift guide series features the amazing Corrin from Oh Hey, What’s Up? Corrin is one of those pro-style bloggers whose posts feel elegant and effortless. She has the confidence and smooth writing style that comes with years of experience and she’s a blogger that many, including myself, look up to. Her large and dedicated readership are probably all in credit card debt, because she posts so many cool things that we can’t help but buy them. If only we could buy a clone of her precious little dog, Ollie. And now…

Please enjoy Corrin’s Gift Guide for Bookworms

Just because I’m a bookworm doesn’t mean you can buy me an Amazon gift card and call it a day. Oh no, you won’t get off that easy. There are lots of creative gifts out there for book lovers that show you put a little thought into your gift giving, and I’m here to share a few of my favorites. If you really love the bookworm in your life, you’ll get them something from this list.

Gifts for a BookWorm

Kindle Paperwhite $199 – Any Kindle will do, but the Paperwhite 3G (sans “special offers”” is my favorite. Who knew reading in the dark was so much damn fun!

Mighty Bright Book Light $12.99 – Book lights make great stocking stuffers, and Mighty Bright are the best.

Book Lust by Nancy Pearl $11.99 – A book about books by a former book critic and librarian – modern day canon of book recommendations for every mood and subject.

Out of Print Sweatshirt $42 – Celebrating the best in literature by printing the cover on a t-shirt.

Kate Spade Book Clutches $325 – Also comes in Emma, Romeo & Juliet, The Importance of Being Earnest, Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, and I Married an Adventure.

Personal Library Kit $16.75 – All bookworms secretly dream of being librarians (at least this one does). If you borrow one of our books, you better damn well give it back. Late fees will be assessed.

Jonathan Adler Dachshund Bookends $150 – Bookends of any kind are a great gift. I especially love this cheeky little dachshund.

Penguin Classics (Set of 30) $475 – The ultimate gift.

Corrin lives in Austin, works in publishing, and blogs at www.ohheywhatsup.com. She’s a serious bookworm who loves fro-yo, fashion, and can really cut a rug.

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  2. Lee says:

    As a bookworm myself, I would love each and every one of these gifts!

  3. Corrin says:

    You flatter me! Thanks for inviting me to blog!

    My shipping address can be provided if anyone is buying from the above list.

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