Tuesday, January 29th

Happy Anniversary, Jester King!

Everyone who’s been to the Jester King brewery loves the beautiful farmhouse setting. The short drive from Austin to Ceres Park Ranch is worth it, and every Saturday lots of Austinites makes the trek to tour the brewery and sample the beers. Jester King created lots of buzz since their beginnings, with the long wait till they opened, their ever-growing huge selection of craft beers, and their lawsuit of the TABC to change archaic laws. Everyone loves these guys.

Because of the extreme Austin love, Jester King had to take measures to limit entry to their anniversary parties. This year, the second anniversary, they sold 750 tickets to the party. It might seem like a lot, but I still missed the boat. So when Mr. Betty and I had an opportunity to volunteer for the day, we were thrilled to take it.

Jester King

The party was hosted by the relatively new Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza, which enabled people to purchase bottled beer. Jester King can’t sell their own beer at the brewery. (See aforementioned lawsuit.) But the brewery makes plenty of great beer and it was fun to sample it at the source, which is what the party was all about. Volunteers received souvenir glasses, tee-shirts and either got busy working or tasting. We were scheduled to work the second shift, so we got busy tasting.

Jester King Tap Room

Jester King Tap Room

It was cold and rainy early in the day, so we spent most of our time in the tap room, although there was plenty of beer to be tasted outside. Lines moved quickly as people sampled their way through special and guest brews.

Jester King Tasting

The hardcore beer lovers came armed with beers that can’t be found in Texas, and shared with each other. Throughout the day the sharing table grew fuller and more interesting. People circled long after the bottles were empty.

Beer Table

Once our shift began, Mr. Betty poured the newly debuted El Cedro ale and I manned the merchandise table. Easy work in exchange for an easy day of tasting and mingling. It was the perfect January day in Austin, warming up to 75°. If you missed the party, I hope you get there next year.

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  1. Ooh, that’s on my list next year for sure! Sounds like an amazing day.

  2. Christy says:

    Good times! So many great beers. Glad y’all came.

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