Monday, October 14th

Groceries in the ATX

We are spoiled in Austin. There are so many great places to shop for unique ingredients, health food supplies, and organic everything. I’m smack dab in the middle of Whole Foods, Central Markets, and Sprouts, just to name a few. And recently, my neighborhood was treated to a Wheatsville Co-op, which is big news in itself, but in the same weekend Austin finally got its first Trader Joe’s!

Wheatsville Co-op Austin, Texas

Trader Joe's Austin Texas

Now Trader Joe’s can be polarizing. People either get it or they don’t. I’ve found life in Austin without a TJ’s very difficult. Our Trader Joe-less nightmare is finally over. Never again will I have to shove my favorites into a suitcase and fly them back to Austin. It’s all so easy now.

Opening day was kind of crazy, but really, Trader Joe’s is always crazy. Our store in Austin is the largest one I’ve ever been in. They are typically small and packed to the gills with shoppers. Everyone I know has products they are loyal to. For me, it’s the coffee beans, the hummus, and some various trail mixes. But I’ll all for trying out something new every time, too.

Trader Joe's coffee

Trader Joe's shelves

Trader Joe's Austin Texas

Trader Joe's line

The line wrapped around the store, but it only lasted for a few minutes. Wheatsville felt serene by comparison, the organic food bright and colorfully stacked up, waiting to be prepared into something delicious. Shoppers could leisurely wander the aisles and browse without feeling rushed.

Wheatsville Co-op tomatoes

Wheatsville Co-op bell peppers

I’m looking forward to exploring the natural soaps. And the prepared food.

Wheatsville Co-op

Wheatsville Co-op

I’m thrilled to have even more fabulous places to shop. I’m an equal opportunity shopper, with favorites at each of the stores and I’m glad to expand my options and develop new favorites. Currently, I do my “base” shopping at HEB and fill in for special things:

Whole Foods: Vegan baking ingredients, sushi, fresh baked bread, growler fills, smoked salmon, cheese, young coconuts, licorice, dark chocolate, juice bar

Central Market: Cold cuts, produce, seafood, snacks, cheese, gelato, yogurt, soups, salsa

Sprouts: Coconut water, fancy sodas, bulk nuts, cheap produce

Trader Joe’s: Coffee beans, hummus, trail mix, nuts, Ginger cats, Almondina cookies, pasta, pizza sauce, tortilla chips

Where do you pick up your favorites?

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  2. Mostly I go to Super Target since it’s right across the street for me. But I did go to Trader Joe’s yesterday at 8:30 am. It was totally worth getting up early on a Saturday morning. The manager said it’s very slow between 8-9 am on Sat & Sun, so that’s prime shopping time for me! I was able to leisurely look at everything without having to say “excuse me” a million times.

  3. rl reeves jr says:

    HEB maybe once per annum, it makes me ill for some reason, might be the lighting. 95% of our grocery money goes to Fiesta, best produce and best fish market in Austin. Salt and Time for special meat. La Michoacan once a month for prepared meats. rl

  4. Jeff Amador says:

    I definitely follow the same shopping pattern: basics at HEB, but Central Market and Whole Foods for the good stuff! I used to always load up on Trader Joe’s goodies on my trips up to visit my family in Dallas, so it’s definitely nice to have them around!

  5. Lauren says:

    I love the markets that are all over town. The Natural Grocers on Guadalupe is my absolute favorite! All organic but won’t break your wallet.

  6. Bekah says:

    What a great list! I was at Wheatsville South for the first time this weekend and loved the feel of it, as well as their great selection of spices! We are so spoiled in Austin with so many wonderful places to go. I tend to hit HEB (grouping Central Market in there) and Whole Foods the most, but have been known to source a week’s worth of groceries from more stores than I can count on one hand. 🙂

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