Wednesday, October 30th


Gravity movie Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in space

Have you seen Gravity yet? I went a couple weeks ago and haven’t wanted to think about it again till now.

Note: No spoilers here! I never ruin movies for people. Only TV.

I’ve heard mixed reviews, but more people lean towards liking the film. I definitely liked it, as upsetting and teeth-grinding an experience it was watching it. For days after I felt myself freely enjoying the pleasure of oxygen, which I normally take for granted.

Also, you know how when you’re a kid and want to be an astronaut? And then when you grow up and realize you don’t have the right kind of smarts to be an astronaut, you let that dream go but still hold on to the hope that you might get to float around weightless in a gravity-free chamber one day? With a Groupon or something?

Well, Gravity killed that dream for me, too. I’ll stay right here with my feet planted on the ground, thank you very much. As charming as Clooney made all the floating look, I felt like I might barf into my astronaut helmet.

Gravity movie George Clooney in space

Despite the amazing effects, cinematography, and superb acting, it was the simple story that hooked me. So often, movies weave multiple plot lines and diversionary threads to make it more interesting or add additional stars to the roster. But Gravity shed any extraneous junk, paring it down to the necessary elements. We could focus our panic attention on one thing.

This movie really belongs to Sandra Bullock. She’s earned my pick for Best Actress Oscar this year.

Gravity movie Sandra Bullock in space

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  1. aneelee says:

    I love stories like the one in Gravity – single focus, one end and told in 90 minutes. I wish more movies would take this approach. 😉

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