Tuesday, May 21st

Grandma Ida

Well, this episode was weird, wasn’t it? Not one of my favorites, actually. But let’s discuss anyway.

Silvia and Don from Mad Men

Silvia is holding fast to her breakup with Don and he is not taking it well. It’s undignified, really, and I hate seeing him this way. Waiting outside her door, chain smoking and sweating. Oh, he’s sick, too.

Mad Men Ted

A lot of the agency is sick and rundown. They’ve been frantically working on creative for Chevy for six weeks, only to have each concept rejected. Poor Ken is stuck entertaining them and is now using a cane. He’s coming apart at the seams. Ted comes unglued when partner Frank dies.

Mad Men Quack Doctor

The work load isn’t going to let up (does it ever?) so they bring in a doctor quack who gives them shots. His own mixture of B complex vitamins and stimulants. Do they work?

Overstimulated Mad Men

Um, yes. They work. Well, kind of. Everyone remains high as a kite for the rest of the episode, leading to close to an hour of confusing moments. Don has several flashbacks to an incident where he was very sick as a kid in the whorehouse. His mother wasn’t exactly sympathetic, so another prostitute nursed him back to health. And then some.

Peggy makes out with Stan. Ken tap dances, and no one can seem to come up with a decent idea for Chevy.

Ken Tap Dances

The more interesting part of the episode happens outside the agency. Megan lets Sally babysit her brothers while she attends a play. Bobby is bratty, Sally is bored, and Gene eats PB&J. But the place is really livened up when “Grandma Ida” appears. She just walks in the door insisting that she’s Don’s mother. Then she changes it to nanny. Bobby seriously wonders if he’s been black this whole time without realizing it.

Grandma Ida Mad Men

Good ole granny cases the joint after a nice chat with Sally over eggs. Clearly a thief, she takes off after Sally calls the po-po. Things were a little scary there for a few minutes. When Don finally comes home from work, three days later, he walks in to find the cops, his neighbor and his angry/upset family waiting in the living room. He gives us as manly a faint as I’ve ever seen.

Let’s hope next week is better.

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  1. Kim says:

    I’m going to watch that GIF of Ken tap-dancing all day long. That is one of my favorite things that ever happened on the show.

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