Wednesday, October 31st

Gourdough’s Public House

The famous Gourdough’s Airstream trailer is taking their amped up doughnuts and turning them into full-scale meals. Inhabiting the old Kerbey Lane on South Lamar, Gourdough’s Public House opens today. I attended the soft opening a couple days ago with a couple girlfriends and we sampled all kinds of great stuff from the menu.

Gourdough's Public House

For cocktails we had a couple Ruby Rios and a Live Oak Hefe. The water is also served in these awesome jars, too.

Ruby Star

Life Oak Hefe

Our waitress recommended The Big Cheez as a appetizer. The fresh mozzarella wrapped in doughnut dough and deep fried was served with garlic butter, cilantro buttermilk dressing, and avocado lime sauce. We all agreed that the buttermilk dressing was best. The cheese itself was warm, melty and delicious. Obviously it was delicious. I mean, fried cheese.

The Big Cheez

Then we had the Public House Salad. All the salads are served with a piping hot garlic donut. Holy shiz, that was good!

Public House salad

We also tried Grandma’s Dumplings. This little crock was filled with slow cooked chicken, donut hole dumplings, pepper vinegar and another of those heavenly garlic donuts. This picture doesn’t convey how good this dish was. The ultimate comfort food.

Grandma's Dumplings

Another entree we tried was the Country Clucker. This over-the-top crispy fried chicken breast was sitting on a potato pancake and a hot donut. Then it was topped with warm cream corn and candied jalapeños. The chicken was tender and perfectly cooked. This is a gorgeous plate, isn’t it?

Country Clucker

We sampled a side, as well, the fried Brussels sprouts. Aren’t they lovely?

Fried Brussels Sprouts

We were pretty full at this point but we pushed on for your sake, dear readers. We know you wanted to see some desserts so we ordered two. The Dirty Harry is a crock of coconut creme filled donut holes covered with chocolate icing and fresh coconut.

Dirty Harry

The Fresh Prince was covered with fresh fruit and cream cheese icing. Both desserts had warm donuts, were rich, sweet, and totally decadent. Just like what we’ve come to love from the trailer.

Fresh Prince

The decor of Gourdough’s Public House is dark wood and comfortable. It’s a beautiful redo of the old space. Stop in and enjoy the full bar and donut goodness.

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  1. Corrin says:

    You are a trooper. I’ve been go Gourdough’s once and was finished after two bites. Just not my thing. (Shocking coming from a fat girl, right?)

  2. Oh my goodness. Looks so delicious and sinful.

  3. Jodi says:

    I’m so full just reading this! Looks pretty sinfully delicious.

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