Monday, April 24th

Get Away to San Antonio

Thank you to The St. Anthony Hotel, who treated my family to a luxury weekend! And thanks to my readers for supporting sponsors of this blog.

Despite San Antonio’s proximity to Austin, I’ve only been a handful of times. I love going there because there’s so much to be discovered. Not to say that I’ve seen and done simply everything in Austin, but there are few unknowns left for me. In San Antonio, I’ve done the Riverwalk and spent some time roaming around Pearl, but little else.

When the opportunity to spend a posh weekend at The St. Anthony Hotel arose, I jumped on it. As sponsors of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, they wanted to show off their fabulous amenities, restaurants, and show some out-of-towners more of what the city has to offer during this fun season.

The St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio

A top-to-bottom tour of the newly renovated historic building yielded all kinds of interesting tidbits. It’s haunted by a number of ghosts who all have cocktails named after them at the chic bar Haunt. The Lady in Red was my favorite sipper, although I didn’t catch a glimpse of the famed specter herself. She’s known for her scarlet attire and penchant for appearing in the ladies’ restroom.

The hotel itself is stunning. Gorgeous, spacious rooms perfectly appointed with sophisticated art and furniture. At every level, the service was exceptional. After venturing out we’d return to our room to find delicious snacks waiting for us like chips and salsa served in a cowboy hat. Or cookies and milk to cap off the evening. We treated ourselves to room service late one night, nibbling on ceviche in the king size bed. I relish those extravagant moments and we only scratched the surface of what was available.

I’m always in awe of interior design in historic buildings. The inclusion of modern comforts while maintaining a classic aesthetic is so interesting. The most recognizable space in the St. Anthony is Peacock Alley with its grand piano and opulent chandeliers, and indeed, it is exquisite. Decadent lighting is a theme throughout.

St. Anthony Hotel Lights

When we travel with Violet she’s usually so tickled to be sleeping in the same room as us that she wakes up to play several times a night. On this weekend the room was so cool and dark that she didn’t make a peep at night. Maybe the excitement of each day zonked her out as much as it did us. Speaking of cool, The St. Anthony was the first hotel in the world to be entirely air conditioned. No place like San Antonio to start that tradition, let me tell you. It gets hot, you guys.

Schilo's Delicatessen, San Antonio, Texas

We popped into Schilo’s Delicatessen to cool off and enjoy lunch one day. As we’re mostly deli deprived in Austin, we couldn’t pass it up. The homemade root beer was the highlight of the meal, but the food that truly deserves mentioning happened at Rebelle. I believe our group sampled the entire menu and many of the cocktails. As the night wore on and conversation grew lively, we tried dish after dish after dish. I want to make a return visit and get more of the grilled octopus and famous spinach pudding. Everything was divine.

Rebelle, San Antonio, Texas

The St. Anthony generously sent us to the rodeo with some of their sponsor tickets, which allowed us to see the show with the all the fancy stakeholders. The rodeo was a family first and I will admit that we did not have the proper attire! (No boots, no fringe, no nothing.) But I learned that anything goes at the rodeo and it was so much fun. We split into small groups and rodeo volunteers took us around to see the sights. Our guide was a darling woman named Tater Tot, who was as cute as she sounds. I wanted to take her home with me.

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

We sampled fried cheese curds and cookie dough, pet horses and baby goats, and watched the riders warm up in Horse Discovery. Later we head into the stadium  (sans cameras, as directed) and ate dinner while we watched the rodeo. I was surprised that it was like other sporting events I’ve been to and not all countrified like I thought it would be. My favorite event was the little kids clinging for dear life to the backs of sheep, or Mutton Bustin’. Giving Violet’s hesitation at the petting zoo, we’d have some work to do before she’d ever go near a sheep.

It was a weekend full of firsts and we made so many memories. We cannot wait to return to San Antonio for our next Austin escape weekend. And we’ll stay at The St. Anthony Hotel again. Thanks for a great time!

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  1. Kay says:

    I was born in San Antonio, visit my family there frequently and although I’ve always wanted to, I’ve never stayed at the St. Anthony! It’s on my list, for sure. What an elegant hotel! And Schilo’s — a favorite. Will need to try Rebelle.

  2. Love the chandelier montage! (Though now I am singing Sia….)

    Looks amazing!

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