Friday, April 19th

Find Dining in Austin


Wow! Two posts in a row where Mad Betty is featured on podcasts. This was recorded several months ago, but ramen is hotter than ever in Austin so it went up at a good time.

Enjoy the Find Dining podcast, which is a national show featuring food news in various cities. My interview was over the phone and I discussed Ramen Tatsu-ya which was only open for about three months at the time. Since then the ramen scene has exploded and I was able to write a whole City Guide post on the trend. And already my guide is out of date since Daruma Ramen opened a few weeks ago. Quite the topical bowl of noodles!

So please enjoy the Find Dining show on Mystery Meet. And check out some other cities while you are there!

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  1. Seth Resler says:

    Thanks so much for coming on the podcast! You were great!

    Seth Resler
    Host, Find Dining Podcast

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