Wednesday, May 14th

Fashion Wish List: Clover Canyon

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How often do you ladies lust after fashion? The Project Runway of my heart beats for new designs each season. My alter ego lives in New York and has a budget to shop at all the cool shops, like Scoop, one of Nina Garcia’s favorites.

Right now Clover Canyon is one of the coolest lines out there. The bright boho vibe belies its LA home, but its edginess screams New York chic. I’m crazy for their graphic prints and youthful spirit. Some pretty fierce ladies are listed as muses for the brand: Alicia Keys, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Obama, and (all hail the queen) Beyoncé.

The relatively young line emerged in 2011 and has quickly gained a loyal following with its lighthearted mixing of bold patterns. The name is all California, with views of clover-covered Laurel Canyon providing inspiration and continued optimism for the team of hardworking designers. Creative director Rozae Nichols guides the collections along of the theme of joy and life journeys, letting the prints inform the cute silhouettes.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces accessorized with some other fabulous items, all available at Scoop.

Scoop NYC
Scoop NYC by madbettyblog featuring Clover Canyon

Would you wear any of these? What are your favorite trends happening in fashion right now?

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  1. Rachelle says:

    OMG I didn’t know you were an undercover fashionista – That just makes me love you all the more lady!!

  2. Corrin says:

    That skirt with a simple tee is a summer staple contender.

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