There’s so much going on in pop culture that you aren’t blogging about. Are you going to do more? 

I don’t write about everything I see. I’m trying to be selective to things that don’t make me sound too dumb. Yes, I watch The Real Housewives of Bravo. But I’m not sure I should devote too much of my brain to thinking about it. And I’ll never watch or blog about American Idol. But if you have requests, I’ll try to do a post.

Can I request an American Idol post? 


Why is Austin so cool? 

Live music everywhere, a huge art scene, great shopping and an amazing mix of vegans and barbecue lovers living in harmony. Fiercely democratic in a republican state, the residents of Austin aren’t afraid to be different and rock really weird moustaches and really tight jeans.

Do you want my advice? 

Um…yes? Is this about my hair? Because I was thinking about changing it.

Seriously, I have advice on how to make your blog better. Do you want me to tell you? 


What do you do for a living? 

Mostly write. Sometimes other stuff. I’ve worked in advertising, publishing and several roles in the nonprofit world. I love a well-written ad, a well-written book, and nonprofit culture.

Can you provide some blog specifics?

I started Mad Betty August 2011. It is hosted by HostGator and designed by Elizabeth at Freckled Nest. I shoot with the Canon Rebel t3i.


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  1. Kristin Shaw says:

    Hi there! I am looking forward to reading your blog more often. Thanks for finding me on Twitter! We started our blogs in the same month of last year – happy almost-blogoversary!

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