Monday, August 20th

Empire State of Mind

Ugh. Breaking Bad starts off in a very dark place this week. They have to dispose of the little boy Todd shot and killed last week. We watch as they dismantle his dirt bike and put it in a plastic drum to dissolve it in acid. Fortunately, we are spared seeing them stuff the little boy into the drum.

Breaking Bad dissolve dirt bike

Todd explains himself to the guys and does have solid reasons why he killed the kid. But still…he killed a kid. Jesse just can’t deal, but Walt and Mike vote to keep Todd on staff. The other options are to kill him or fire him. Firing him will be more trouble than it’s worth. I vote to kill Todd because he kept that tarantula in a jar.

Mike’s constantly being tailed by the DEA. Eventually he gets fed up and brings in everybody’s favorite lawyer, Saul, to intervene. At the mentions of stalking charges, the DEA agrees to back off…but only for a day.

Saul and Mike

Jesse and Walt are back to cooking in a tented house. When a news broadcast about the missing boy comes on, Jesse breaks down and Walt gives him a pep talk. He commiserates, telling him he hasn’t slept well since the incident happened and tells Jesse he will finish up alone and to go home. Jesse is disturbed to witness Walt happily whistling a merry tune the minute his back is turned. Not sleeping, my arse.

Mike and Jesse ambush Walt back at headquarters. They tell him they are both quitting the business and selling off their thirds of the big methylamine haul. They suggest he sell his third as well, since it will yield them each five million dollars. Walt knows that if they hold onto the methylamine and cook it themselves, it will be worth $300 million. So he’s not down with taking the $5M and walking away. And he’s not cool with the guys selling their shares off to his competitors, even if they are all the way in Phoenix.

Mike and Jesse meet the rival competitors and give them a free sample. The Phoenix guys are happy for the ingredient and even happier that the blue stuff will be off the market. When they realize Walt will still be cooking they pull the deal off the table. Once again, Walt holds all the cards.

Mike and Jesse

Jesse makes a personal plea to try to get Walt on board with the sale. He gets roped into having an awkward dinner with Walt and Skyler. Jesse tries to keep conversation afloat and Skyler tries to finish a bottle of wine in five minutes flat. She is more successful than he is. Watching Jesse flounder through the dinner was the highlight of the episode. Walt tells Jesse that their business is all he has left. He isn’t in the meth business or the money business. He’s in the empire business. He is power-hungry. I think he should run for POTUS.

Jesse Pinkman

Mike takes matters into his own hands and tells Walt they are going to sell his share anyway. He handcuffs Walt to a radiator, but Walt McGyver’s his way out. Before Mike kills him, Jesse says Walt has a new plan and it’s a good one. But we’ll have to wait till next week to hear what that plan is. Damn. 

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