Monday, December 10th

East Side King at Hole in the Wall

East Side King

Paul Qui’s newest East Side King location had its grand opening party last Friday and Mr. Betty and I dropped in late-night to check out the action. Located in Hole in the Wall on The Drag, the seating is comfortable and casual.

East Side King

If you haven’t been to the Hole in the Wall, it’s your run-of-the-mill college bar. Plenty of space both inside and out, decent tap-list, dark and full of students. In short…I love it. ESK will bring in fresh blood for customers because not only does the menu feature greatest hits from other ESK locations, but it has RAMEN! Yes, the craze in Austin continues. Do I know how to pick a trend or what?

East Side King menu

East Side King order

You order at the counter and one of the friendly staff brings your food to wherever you sit at the bar. Although they had a long day, the staff was enthusiastic and chatty, giving the top-notch service you can always count on from ESK. Paul Qui was still there, looking happy and tired from another packed grand opening . His fiancé and their group of friends sat nearby enjoying the glow of a successful night.

So how was the grub? Great! Having already eaten dinner, we opted to share Poor Qui’s Buns, the famously delicious steamed buns with pork belly. Our ramen selection was the Chicken Tortilla Ramen, which comes in a styrofoam to-go container and we were planning on taking it home. But I had to open it to get some photos and once we smelled the broth, there was no chance that ramen was making it home. We dug right in.

Poor Qui's Buns

Chicken Tortilla Ramen

Chicken Tortilla Ramen

The addition of lime, avocado, chicken, tortilla strips and jalapeños on ramen is simply wonderful. I’m such a tortilla soup lover, this is just double comfort food. The perfect marriage! Get over to the drag and try Austin’s newest ramen purveyor. Another job well done from Austin’s favorite Top Chef.

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  1. […] Paul Qui announced his intentions to make ramen, our collective ears perked up. His offerings at East Side King at Hole in the Wall are inventive and fun. Especially delicious is the Chicken Tortilla Ramen, a perfect fusing of […]

  2. Katie says:

    I have GOT to get out to HITW!!! The Poor Qui’s look so yummy, and the ramen… oh the ramen!!! Ok – you’ve sold me 🙂

    PS Beautiful site!!!

  3. I’ve always loved everything I’ve eaten at the ESK trailers, so I can’t wait to go! I could eat the “classics” everyday! I love the look of the chalk board menus. I’ll be interested to see the interior, as I haven’t been to Hole in the Wall in a dozen+ years!

  4. Right around the corner from where I’ll be busy with tamales all next week, I’ll remember to drop in!

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