Monday, January 6th

Downton Crabby

I’ve had a few people ask about my writing process when I recap TV episodes.


Here’s my process:

I sit in front of the TV, completely focused and frantically scribbling into a notebook. I DVR the show so that I can pause and rewatch a scene if I need to, but most often I just power through. For me, the notes process takes one of two directions. I either capture each scene chronologically, or I separate the story each character and fill in as the show progresses. The latter requires less writing and is a more efficient way to write a recap that’s more of an overview rather than a blow-by-blow rehashing of every scene. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The blogging itself is hours of work, organizing the notes into something digestible and then putting my own spin on it. But I enjoy writing them and I love going back and reading them months/years later.

Downton Abbey is especially difficult to recap because there are no commercial breaks. It’s just a long show. (Especially the two-hour episodes. It’s like trying to memorize an entire movie in one sitting.)

The large cast overlaps in every scene, while each character has their own petty plot line. Last night I found myself halfheartedly writing about Daisy’s mysterious valentine. And Mary’s penchant for doom and gloom while remaining bitchy towards Edith. And how Robert is worried about who is going to manage the affairs at Downton…again. And how Carson has his bloomers in a twist over his old song and dance partner.

Mary and Baby George on Downton Abbey

The thing is I DON’T CARE. The show has gone from interesting to tedious. No matter how many people leave or join the cast, the drama feels frivolous. Who’s dating who? Who slighted who? Which one of the servants is helping the family get dressed? I just don’t give a shit anymore.

I’ll continue to watch but I simply cannot recap this show that I don’t enjoy any longer. Hope you all don’t mind too much. If you still love the show and are interested in writing the recaps for Mad Betty, please contact me. Otherwise my Downton Abbey thoughts will be relegated to Twitter and I’d love for you to join me there.

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  1. Ramblings says:

    […] on this day would normally be reserved for a Downton Abbey recap, but since I’ve decided to drop the show from my recaps, I’m free to talk about whatever I want. I didn’t even watch Downton […]

  2. I was a first-time watcher last night. I figured I’d give into all the hype I’ve been hearing & even read your season 3 recap in the wee minutes before it aired. And while I found it entertaining, I am far from hooked. It was very fast paced & it did seem they were trying to cram a lot into each & every storyline. While knowing more of the back stories would surely help me, so much of it seemed so drab and dark, both the writing & the settings. The delivery of bright, colorful flowers was a nice jolt! Kinda glad to know that for you veteran watchers, the bloom is off the rose.

  3. Mary Helen says:

    As I was watching it last night I marveled at how it had managed to actually become more boring than it already was. It’s a show I love to hate, so I’m hoping that it becomes more bearable when it goes back to one hour episodes. It is going back to one hour episodes, right? Two hours is just too much damn Downton.

    YEEHAW to new Sherlock!

  4. Megan says:

    I forgot it was going to be on until about three hours before. Then I watched it but was mostly putzing on the computer. I wish I had watched Revenge instead.

    Sherlock is on in a few weeks, though!

  5. Corrin says:

    PREACH! Such a snoozefest.

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