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Downton Abbey Sports and Leisure

Are we already at the season finale? Yes. Yes, we are. Catch up here:

I loved that the cricket match last week brought everyone out of the house. This week’s episode gets us out of the house again for a little vacation to Scotland. Oh yeah, and it’s a year later! 

What’s changed in a year? So far as I can see…nothing. Mary is pregnant and Baby Sybil is bigger. And there’s a new whore maid named Edna.

Anyway, the Scotland trip is all about shooting and dancing. Matthew is not a great shot.

Downton Abbey Shooting

Their hosts, Shrimpy and his wife, Susan, pretty much hate each other. Susan bitched at her daughter Rose, her husband, her maid, and everyone within earshot. Shrimpy complains about his wife nonstop. This is a mansion of misery. They decide that Rose will move to Downton Abbey, so that’s where we will be next season. I can’t believe they named a character Shrimpy. He’s neither short nor does he keep a pocketful of shrimp.


Branson is left behind at Downton Abbey to have meals served to him alone at the giant table. He is in a rock and hard place, not fitting in with the staff anymore and nor having a real place in the family. Poor, poor Branson. When new maid Edna hits on him relentlessly, he doesn’t feel he has the authority to shut her down. Luckily they fire her. It breaks my heart when he openly weeps about missing Sybil to Mrs. Hughes.

Branson and Edna

Speaking of being hit on, Dr. Clarkson has an eye for Isobel. I think this is a great match, but she turns him down. Gives him the line about not wanting to ruin their friendship. Mr. Betty thinks that Isobel should marry anyone who can stand to be around her.

Carson unclenches for long enough to agree to let the staff go to the fair. He, himself, does not attend, stating they’d be better able to relax without him. So true. Instead he has some quality one-on-one time with Baby Sybil.

Carson and Baby Sybil

The rest  of the gang has a great time at the fair. They win a tug-of-war and Jimmy gets drunk and waves his cash around. When the carnies try to beat him up, Thomas saves him, getting his own arse kicked pretty severely. Looks like Jimmy and Thomas are finally friends.

Downton Tug-of-War

The other scandalous thing that happens at the fair involved Mrs. Patmore. A new vendor, Tufton, is quite taken with her. But it seems he is taken with every woman, slapping butts and kissing every face he can reach. And just like that Mrs. Patmore’s romantic storyline is over. I’m disappointed, but Mrs. Patmore is relieved.

Mrs. Patmore and Tufton

Back in Scotland, Edith’s editor/love interest Michael Gregson shows up because he happens to be in the neighborhood. Yeah right. Mary’s not buying it either. But he’s a sweet guy and wants to get to know the family. He loves Edith and hopes the family will accept him, insane wife and all. Matthew tells him it’s not going to happen and he should just hit the road, but Edith is going to keep him around. You go, Edith!

Aside from being crazy-bitchy at Edith, Mary is insanely happy. At eight months pregnant, everyone is nagging her to rest, not dance, not take a bumpy car ride, etc. As if she will break at any moment. She decides to head home early, insisting on traveling alone. When she arrives at the Downton train station she quietly, elegantly goes into labor. The baby is born in a hospital with no issues. Matthew is on cloud nine and gives a loving speech to his wife and son. It is the most joyous moment the show has ever seen.

Matthew Mary and Baby

The family is ecstatic. Matthew is on his way to pick them up and bring them back to the hospital. We see him racing along in his convertible, beaming with happiness. An oncoming car causes him to run off the road…and DIE! Downton Abbey writers, you heartless bastards. And roll credits, the season is over before the family even finds out.

Matthew dies

What are your thoughts on Season Three of Downton Abbey? Did you enjoy it? Leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts.

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  1. Jodi says:

    I just watched it last night, and while I had seen the spoilers that Matthew was going to die, I didn’t know how, or when, so I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode — was it going to be shot by an errant bullet while hunting, drowned while fishing? And then it happened — killed in a car accident. I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on to find out WHY Matthew was killed off, and have learned that he simply decided not to renew his contract. I believe that’s the same reason Lady Sybill was killed off as well. So we can’t blame the writers, can we? However, I thought it was very interesting that they waited until the very last moment of the episode to kill off Matthew. According to Julian Fellows, he wanted the Christmas Special (as they call it in the UK) to be positive and fun and happy, and would have preferred to kill Matthew off during the first episode of season 4, but the actor playing Matthew wanted to end it this season. I hear when it starts again, it will be one year later, so there won’t be scenes of a funeral and other macabre scenes for us all to sit through. I’m hoping the death and horror of Downton ends and it goes back to the fun, fluffy escapism that made me fall for it in the first place.

  2. This season was good for me. I didn’t like it all that much. Which means I won’t be waiting in agony like I was before Seasons 2 and this one. C’mon, Fellowes. Must each week be such a roller coaster? Just as the thought ‘surely he wouldn’t…….’ enters my mind, you up and go all melodrama, and prove me you would, and then some.

    I wasn’t all that fond of Matthew, though. I didn’t see all that much depth in his porcelain facade. So sue me. And I like Edith. And her married-loveh storyline.

    Mary is going to be a raging bitch next season.

  3. My favorite tweet of the night was “Why couldn’t it have been Edith?!” Nobody would have missed old Google-Eyes. Killing Matthew was mean and dumb. Then again, anyone who calls a baby a “chap” is kind of a tool, so maybe he had it coming? If the writers keep up this murderous spree they will quickly run out of likable people upstairs. Who’s next?

  4. Megan says:

    At this rate it’s a good thing Edith will probably never marry/have babies, since we apparently can’t have any babies in the 1920s without someone dying.

  5. I don’t like the way season 3 ended –Matthew dying in car crash is not acceptable!!!

  6. Ghost of William the Footman says:

    With DA getting more and more depressing I fear for Mathew and Mary’s baby , since his parents are blood relatives. “Tell Daisy, I love her!”

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